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13 February 2012

Run you own virtual business that helps school booster clubs raise money.


GeoWiz Campaign Manager is the first app of a new genre we call Social Mission Software. Its function is to help campaign managers organize fundraising campaigns for local booster clubs through the sale of the GeoWiz app available in the Apple App store. The idea is to use educational software to create a virtuous circle in which:
  • kids get a great geography game and can challenge players from around the world
  • school booster clubs and charities receive half the proceeds
  • campaign managers committed to help clubs raise funds have a small business with no overhead

We provide new campaign managers with access to 5 booster clubs in their area from our listing of over 1,700 clubs. Of course they can add new clubs as well.

Using the sales aids we provide, like email campaign text suggestions and a generic GeoWiz Web page that can be added to any site etc. the task of running a campaign is very simple. Using our custom designed campaign manager software makes it easy to track results for all campaigns and payments - both to the clubs and campaign managers.

About GeoWiz

The game started off as a California elementary school game project called GeoQuiz. After adding 12 games we decided to rename it GeoWiz. The app, encourages students to learn more about our world and lets them test their skills with other players from around the world. Some of the salient features of the app:

  • Learn more about Continents, Countries, Capitals and Flags
  • Three interesting game play modes - Memory Quiz, ID Quiz and Q&A Challenge.
  • Right answers are shown after every question giving young users a chance to maximize their learning.
  • Two to eight players can play at a time and the first player to finish a round will be the winner.
  • Alphabetical register in addition to an Index by continent for 200 countries with links to Maps.
  • Use the built-in award system to motivate your little ones.

Testimonials Yumi Murakami: GeoWiz is a really innovative concept and a great tool to easily raise money for our hard pressed public schools. Rainer von Albedyhll: I just love the whole concept of using an educational app for fundraising while promoters build a lucrative business. It's nice to actually get rewarded for doing good. Some words about GeoWiz

GeoWiz started as a personal project of Ralf Mandt-Rauch back in 2001. Actually, it was an elementary school assignment for his son Oliver to create a board game. Since Ralf owned a watch company with licensees worldwide, he had a database with flags and maps of the international licensees. This database was extended by Oliver to include over 200 countries and then named Oliver's GeoQuiz. The game was a great hit in the class and, perhaps more importantly, Oliver can still tell you which country Pyongyang is the capital of or on which continent to find Laos.

As all know, the financial meltdown of 2008 has had a dramatic impact on the funding of public education. However, throughout North America, many public schools have been supported by booster clubs to help pay for music teachers or fund sports programs etc. We wanted to find a way to help these booster clubs raise funds quickly and easily which led to the creation of the GeoWiz app in the hope that it may become the center of a virtuous circle.

What's new in GeoWiz Campaign Manager

Version 1.1:

This is a standalone FileMaker Runtime app. The Finder therefore reports the version of FileMaker used to produce the app; in this case 11.0.4.

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