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Make Finder selections based on specific criteria.   Free
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PowerSelect finds items which match the specified condition at selected location in Finder, and selects them. PowerSelect can help finding or selecting items in a folder which contain many items.
What's New
Version 2.4.1:
  • Dropped 1024px and retina support form the application icon to avoid problems in OS X 10.5 and 10.6.
  • Added a services menu "Find in Finder".
Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later

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  • iFileX

  • File Buddy
PowerSelect User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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bbw7 commented on 27 Aug 2013
the download link has problems. Link at dev's site works.
[Version 2.4.2]


Jimw commented on 19 Aug 2012
While the price may be correct for this product unfortunately it is just one of many apps, some free, and some commercial that search for a file on your hard drive and do little to nothing more. Convenience and ease of use is one of those things, like speaker selection, where a high degree of personal judgement comes into play.

Personally I like Apple's Spotlight for simple searches for files and as a fast App launcher (using 10.8). A little time spent with it, learning how it wotks with key combinations (Cmd, Opt, Cntr, Shift) yield some amazing results. Spotlight can also lock onto comments placed in a files 'Get Info' window which can contain only key words.

For more comprehensive file management I have never found anything to compare with File Buddy. It finds everything, including invisible files and files buried in the core of the system. It also has an immense number of other features such as locating invisible and duplicate files. For me it duplicates or replaces an absolutely huge number of other file management utilities. Yes, it is expensive for a utility, but for me it is an extremely good value with a long pedigree.

In some respects I would like to apologize to the developer of Power Select, not for seemly casting aspersions on his product, which is not the case, but for using his latest release as a soapbox to make comments about all the wide variety of products that essentially do the same thing, abet in slightly different ways, but do little else. I can only hope that the developers who are talented and creative will focus their future efforts on adding expanded features to their 'find' products or concentrate their efforts into other Mac Apps where the interest and demand for better products is of user interest.

While this product may be very good and worthy of a donation, I personally believe that their are far too many 'Find a File' apps available right now and that it is time that some of them become mature products.
[Version 2.3]

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Fishscale replied on 02 Jul 2013
You missed the entire idea behind this app. It is in no way a competitor to spotlight, easyfind, find any file, etc... for one simple reason; the app never intends to be and this why.

Did you try the app? Were you able to search your drive for a file? No, you can't search more than one folder at a time and your not "searching' as you say... you use regex to match files you are looking for and then are able to select them to work on.

Others search for your entire drive looking for a file. This searches one specific folder helping you select all those *.mov files or *.pdf files for instance to put them all in their own folder after the app selects them for you.

Might handy if you want to not press cmd while you scroll through a ton of files in any folder selecting the ones you want to action.

As a side note, your praise of spotlight is not warranted...

Spotlight is not that great at finding files. You really can't find MOST files on your computer as spotlight only indexes a few folders, i.e. your user directory and not much else. Those file searching apps I mentioned that you referred to as lots of them exist are more than necessary if you actually want to find ALL occurences of a string or files on your HD.

bbw7 replied on 03 Jul 2013

What is not clear from your comment or the product description is whether Powerselect only searches for items in the target directories or within subdirectories as well? If it is the latter, then Finder (and hence Spotlight) allows for this as well.


I appreciate the point your making, and that you mean no slight to this app or its developer. It would be nice if there could be general comments on similar apps all linked together for this purpose. In particular, if MU were to have a fourth tab of comments for each app for all such comments and these would be cross-posted to functionally similar apps.


Fishscale reviewed on 01 Aug 2012
Extremely useful little app. I put it in my finder toolbar so whenever I have an overwhelming folder where I need to find a file I can do so quickly.

Also great for picking out files that have similar names, such as when Finder adds a '-1' to the end of files if they are duplicates and you want to delete just the duplicates.

All around great app with many uses. Best of all it is free. Dev makes some other really nice software and scripting additions, check them out.
[Version 2.3]

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Jimw replied on 04 Jul 2013
That is why I recommend File Buddy. It has a long history of support and will do just about anything you want with files and folders, including everything this product will do. It is a solution that replaces a number of single focus products. The interface is not pretty but it is a workhorse. While it is not free, it does replace just about all the other file and folder utilities, free and pay, for a reasonable price. It is a real pleasure to just have one utility to rely on that will do it all. FYI: I have no relationship to the developer, but as a user I believe it is a must have product for just about any Mac user.
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Version Downloads:6,313
Type:Utilities : File Management
Date:26 Aug 2013
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 64 / Intel 32 / OS X
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PowerSelect finds items which match the specified condition at selected location in Finder, and selects them. PowerSelect can help finding or selecting items in a folder which contain many items.

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