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06 February 2012

Create life-size paper templates for building a boat.


BearboatPrintMacPC...When it comes time actually to build a boat, BearboatSP creates files called xsBBPF (cross-section BearBoatPrintFiles) that contain the information needed to produce a life-size paper templates for any cross-section. To print out these cross-sections, a separate program is needed. That program is BearboatPrint or BearboatPrintMacPC. For a long time, only BearboatPrint was available. It is a PC only program which made it awkward for Mac users who had to find a friend with a PC or use a PC emulation program to actually get paper templates.

At long last, I have written a new program for printing out the BearboatSP paper templates. This program is available for both Mac and PC users. I continue to supply the original BearboatPrint software. It is time-tested and might be more reliable or work better in somebody's particular environment. These programs are a little tricky to write because everyone has different printers, printer drivers, and operating systems so it is hard to test them thoroughly. Mac users should download the BearboatPrintMacPC program and use that to get the paper templates needed for actually building a boat. PC users, theoretically, could use either one. I think that BearboatPrintMacPC is capable of accommodating printers with a wider range of paper sizes.

I would very much like to hear people experiences with the use of these programs so I become aware of problems. Drop me a note about printouts, even if it was successful! (

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  • Initial release.

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