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TextSoap Express for Mac1.0.1

11 March 2012

Powerful plain text processing with a simple interface.

What is TextSoap Express for Mac

TextSoap Express provides you with the powerful plain text processing draped in an elegantly simple user interface.

Great when you just need the basics for text without fonts, styles or colors.

TextSoap Express uses the same elegant interface praised by users, specifically crafted to needs of the occasional user with a focus on plain text cleaning.

Super simple to use: Copy and paste your text in. Click on the provided cleaners from the palette to clean the text.

Express includes the popular SCRUB cleaner, which fixes many commonly found email text issues in a single click.

Or use one of the built-in cleaners provided, ranging from removing extra returns to converting typographical characters.

Built-in groups provide quick access to categories of cleaners:

  • Standard
  • Email
  • Case conversion
  • Text Quoting
  • Remove Extraneous
  • Custom
Express is ready to handle your Unicode text with support for Unicode-aware regular expressions when a simple find and replace is just not enough.

Express gives you plenty of pre-made solutions. The built-in cleaners include:


  • Remove Extra Spaces
  • Remove Forwarding (>) Characters
  • Convert MIME-encoded Characters
  • Make Paragraphs
  • Remove All Tabs
  • Remove Control Characters
  • Remove Extra Returns
  • Convert to Uppercase
  • Convert to Lowercase
  • Capitalize Sentences
  • Capitalize With Title Case
  • Capitalize Words
  • Convert Bullets to ASCII
  • Straighten Quotes
  • Smarten Quotes
  • Expand Tabs
  • Rewrap Text
  • Quote Text
  • Wrap At 50
  • Wrap At 60
  • Increase Quote Level
  • Convert to Internet Friendly Text
  • Remove All High Ascii Characters
  • 1 Return to 2 Returns
  • 1 Return to Space
  • Strip Quoting (>) Characters
  • Multiple Returns to 1 Return
  • Multiple Returns to 2 Returns
  • Trim Lines
  • Convert Non-Breaking Spaces
  • Sort Lines in Ascending Order
  • Sort Lines in Descending Order

What's new in TextSoap Express

Version 1.0.1:
  • Fixed bug where showing cleaner statistics could crash if text had never been processed.
  • Removed stray, non-functioning menu items, icons, and other leftovers.
  • General improvements and fixes.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later
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