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Stop Those Fish1.0

22 January 2012

Trajectory-based arcade game.


In Stop Those Fish, a league of hyper-intelligent fish is plotting our destruction from their secret lair at the bottom of the sea. You are the leader of a small band of bears fighting for the survival of all land dwellers. In this epic battle that pits bear against fish, do you have what it takes to drown the fish uprising before it's too late?

You have one goal…STOP THOSE FISH. Guide your weapons towards the fish frenzy by drawing a path to the enemy. But remember, the enemy is always in motion. So you must not aim at where they are, but instead at where they will be. Your resources are limited. So it will be necessary to conserve ammo by stopping many fish with a single shot. To help you accomplish your goal, numerous upgrades of your boats, weapons and defenses are available. The game features more than 50 levels that steadily increase in complexity as you fend off a wide variety of enemy fish with different abilities. Don't let them turn the tides on you!


  • Frantic and addictive trajectory-based gameplay!
  • More than a dozen varieties of enemy fish.
  • Multiple game modes, including Daytime & Midnight Modes and The Cage.
  • More than a dozen game scenes.
  • Boat and weapon upgrades to keep the fish at bay.
  • Superb graphics and animation with catchy sound effects and music.
  • OpenFeint and Game Center support (with leaderboards and achievements).
  • iPhone 4 retina display support.
  • Universal app support for all of your iOS devices. Buy once, play anywhere!
  • P4RC rewards, with an exclusive game mode for P4RC members.

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