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13 January 2012

Companion application for digital musicians.


InerziaBea is the perfect companion for computerized musicians! It includes a fully featured converter among times, beat-per-minutes and notes duration; moreover, it also features a completed System Exclusive building tool, with a seamless integrated library to store the SysEx you use the most!

Wondering how much a note should last in your song to cover an entire beat? Just open the Beat calculation window, insert the BPM of your composition and InerziaBeat will immediately display the result!

But that's just one of the three main features of InerziaBeat! When it comes to write down to the MIDI file all the effects that you have decided for your tracks, you will notice that you do not speak the same language that your synths do. So, instead of starting screaming to them, hoping that something will happen, open InerziaBeat: he will be happy to be your translator! Since InerziaBeat includes all the features already seen in InerziaSysEx, you will be able to create System Exclusive messages for your Roland or Yamaha synths straightforwardly.

InerziaBeat includes more than 40 Roland presets and about 20 Yamaha themes! You will be able to input data with the optimized user interface, built to be easy and fast! The Roland section allows you to compute DataSet and DataRequest and also let you build a custom message to send!

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