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Circuit Coder1.0

10 January 2012

Game about building digital circuits.


Circuit Coder is a challenging game about building digital circuits. Given a set of inputs your task is to produce a certain output, by embedding logic gates, flip-flops and various other components. The game comes with 60 problems, everything from easy to really difficult.

In the beginning, you are given simple problems, such as creating a circuit that will determine if a number is divisible by 4. After a while, the problems will become more challenging and a time aspect will be introduced. With a time aspect, you can store memory inside the circuit using flip-flops. Are you ready to create a simple register or a bitshift operator?

There are many difficult topics introduced in this game and you might have to complement the in-game information with information you find online. This is not just a game. It is study tool for university-level topics.


  • 60 problems and more to come.
  • A natural progression, that will gradually introduce new topics.
  • Universal for iPhone/iPad.
  • 28 different components, including logic gates (OR, AND, NOR, etc.), flip-flops (SR, T, D, JK, master-slave) and more.
  • Almost all components can be built from scratch.

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