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29 December 2011

Swing, fling, stretch, wiggle and grab through a platformer game.


Swingworm allows you to swing, fling, stretch, wiggle and grab your way through a platformer game like no other! Explore the new radical way to play a platformer!

Meet Swingy, the young hero of this swinging tale. It is spring in the Whispering Woods and like all other Swingworms of his age, Swingy is competing to find out who can climb the highest tree in the forest, the tree that reaches all the way to the Moon.
The task is not trivial, however. The tree is jealously guarded by the sinister Big Bug who has a craving for delicious Rubbaberries. Many obstacles lie in Swingy's path before he can reach the top of the tree and... whatever lies beyond that.

Controlling Swingworm is a fun and unique experience. He has a head and tail that will tenaciously grab surfaces and a stretchy, rubbery body that allows him to swing long distances. The levels are obstacle courses made up of leaves, branches, chunks of ice and other objects. It's a race against time as Swingy tries to gather all Rubbaberries to pay the Big Bug for an elevator ride further up the tree.

- Exciting, intuititive and simply fun gameplay based on revolutionary worm-physics
- Bright, cheery art and a bouncy soundtrack
- Dozens of levels
- Achievements

Gameplay video: http://bit.ly/seeswingworm

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