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Marble Arena 2


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Marble Arena 2

20 May 2012

Physics-based 3D marble game. .


Marble Arena 2 is a family-friendly, physics-based, free, 3D marble game, featuring vibrant HD graphics, fun and addictive gameplay, and an easy-to-use built-in editor for creating custom levels.

It features 50 mayhem filled levels, where players will test their skills on several types of surfaces, attempt to master a multitude of physics contraptions, and go toe-to-toe, and sometimes toe-to- multiple-toes, with AI-controlled enemies bent on preventing players from achieving their goals.

Making it through all these perils in one piece, and in time, has its benefits. Players will be awarded upgrade points for doing so, points that they can use to improve their skills or unlock their favorite from a multitude of marble skins.

If single player action is just not enough action, the game provides a fun multiplayer experience, with a dedicated server running 24/7 and gives anyone the ability to host their own server and play with their friends.

Creative players are given all the tools they'll need to create their own levels, in the form of the built-in editor: a quick, fun, and easy-to-use set of tools meant to allow anyone to bring their mayhem-inducing ideas to life in a matter of minutes and play them right away.

To complete the experience, the game goes hand in hand with the brand new Marble Arena website, where players will be able to post stats, best times, and scores, and upload replays of their shenanigans or their very own original levels for others to download, rate, and appreciate.

The website is also the place to find video walkthroughs for all the levels in the game, video tutorials for all those creative types out there, and a leaderboard for bragging once you make it to the #1 spot.

What's new in Marble Arena 2

Version 1.3:
  • Multiplayer level creation and editing
  • Terrain generator
  • Easier way to install downloaded levels
  • Many more bug fixes and improvements

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