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Disk Expert2.10.1

12 June 2020

Identify space-consuming files on your hard disk.


Disk Expert finds the biggest files and folders on your Mac. It scans your hard drive volumes and visually displays the disk space usage and makes a list of the most bulky content. It allows you to locate unneeded files and folders quickly using Mac OS X system tools. You can look for a file using Finder tab and preview the file using QuickLook. Disk Expert also lets you gather files and folders into collection, enabling you to rapidly move them to another place, or even delete them.

Supported Volumes
  • HDD volumes
  • CD and DVD discs
  • Removable USB drives
  • Mounted DMG
  • SMB disk image

What's new in Disk Expert

Version 2.10.1:
  • Improved scanning for hidden folders

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6 Reviews of Disk Expert

24 April 2017
Version: 2.3.0

Most helpful

The app provides a great visualization of the disk usage, so it's easy to find the biggest or the oldest unused files.
24 April 2017
Version: 2.3.0
The app provides a great visualization of the disk usage, so it's easy to find the biggest or the oldest unused files.
11 February 2016
Version: 2.3.0
More copycat software. Doesn't do anything which DaisyDisk doesn't do better. Support original developers and not the clone and burners. What's worse at Jo* points out below, apparently Nektony are better at seeding fake five star reviews than writing original software. When will MacUpdate crack down on dishonest developers?
21 July 2015
Version: 2.1
I had problems with a full Disk. With Disk Expert, is was easy to find the biggest files. Suddenly it happens, that with each deleted big file, the free disk space becomes less, not more. It was caused by MobileBackups. It is mounted at /Volumes/MobileBackups but not shown? The hidden dir is located on the root disk, also not shown? It would be nice to show the /.MobileBackups directory too as the /.Trashes is shown and counted. see too: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204015 http://classicyuppie.com/what-crap-is-this-os-xs-mobilebackups/ http://www.cnet.com/news/disk-utility-showing-less-available-space-than-the-finder-in-os-x/
03 November 2012
Version: 1.0.1
I really enjoy its performance
05 February 2012
Version: 1.0.1
I'm not sure why you'd pay $15 for something that does little more than the free - and much more attractive looking - GrandPerspective
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22 December 2011
Version: 1.0
So there is this new app - Disk Expert - which is fine. I won't comment on the fact, that it looks quite similar to DaisyDisk (from what I can see on the screenshots - I didn't d/l DE). What is beyond my belief though is the pretty dim-witted way of trying to get a high rating by having four friends (or might this actually be just one person?) sign up on MU and have them post 4.5-/5-star reviews the very same day version 1.0 gets released. All of them (except one) have only rated DE, the exception being one member who has rated four apps - and guess what: three of those apps being from the same developer (of DE, that is). And best of all they then all exchange smilies among themselves. C'mon...
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