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Sleep Monitor Lite

15 December 2011

Profile your Mac's long-term battery usage.


Sleep Monitor Lite creates a long-term profile of your Macs power use and battery charge. The profile helps you better understand your Mac's energy use.

With Sleep Monitor Lite you can easily build an energy profile spanning days, weeks, and months. Your profile will contain a record of power events, battery changes, and energy state information.

With your profile and Sleep Monitor's reporting application you can see the battery level as it rises and falls over minutes, days, and weeks.

Personal Power Use

Once started, Sleep Monitor Lite builds your energy profile whenever you are logged in; it stops when you log out, and resumes when you next log in.

Your energy profile is private and is not affected by other users on your Mac.

Battery and User Friendly

Sleep Monitor Lite is careful to be friendly to your battery and processor. Sleep Monitor Lite is quiet and unobtrusive. Once started, Sleep Monitor Lite runs invisibly in the background.

Designed to be started and left running, Sleep Monitor Lite does not demand attention or alter your workflow. Start building your energy profile, quit Sleep Monitor Lite, and get on your with day.

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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