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Power Replace6.6

07 January 2000

Text conversion utility.


PowerReplace is a powerful text conversion utility. It does the conversion using a small file called "Filter". The syntax of filter is very easy to understand. PowerReplace is also an utility to build text conversion application. It can create small stand-alone daughter-application called "SelfReplace", who makes your favorite conversion more easily and efficiently. PowerReplace can replace character (including NULL, CR, LF, TAB) or string by any other string. By use of the asterisk-sign(*) representing any indeterminate string, it can replace also a string only whose two extremities are known. It supports all character set, hexadecimal string and regular expression(pattern) for find/replace.

What's new in Power Replace

Version 6.6 adds the following:
  • Developer version available. If you buy the developer version for US$500, you can distribute your own SelfReplace as shareware. Developer version contains a small program to generate user code for your SelfReplace.
  • Fixed the long time wait bug when convert folder containing many files of different types.
  • Increase partition memory for SelfReplace. It seems that MacOS 8.5 or later asks more memory.

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