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F/A-18 Korea GL1.1

25 June 2000

Open GL version of the popular flight combat simulation game.


F/A-18 Korea is the latest flight combat game from Graphic Simulations. The global community's worst fear has been confirmed: an unfriendly government in an unstable part of the world has obtained technology to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons. A trade embargo has disintegrated, diplomacy has failed. The last resort is you, in a state-of-the-art jet fighter. Your mission is to eliminate the enemy targets. F/A-18 Korea features breathtaking, cutting-edge graphics, and the Korean theater of operation and combat includes a variety of missions, ranging from Close Air Support (CAS), to Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD). This is a demo version of the game with limited gameplay and features.

What's new in F/A-18 Korea GL

The GL version requires Open GL and has much higher quality graphics than non-GL versions.

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