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16 March 2012

Assign custom mouse shortcuts to any Mac application.


SwiftRing is a powerful productivity tool that allows you to assign custom mouse shortcuts to any Mac application.

The demo video and media articles on our website are the best way to get familiar with SwiftRing. A brief summary of SwiftRing's capabilities are outlined below.

The Basics:

Once SwiftRing is installed, using it is very simple:

  • Hold down the option key to bring up the ring.
  • The ring for the currently active application will pop up.
  • Touch a ring segment to perform an action, no clicking is required.
  • Extra action labels stacked on the top and bottom segments are activated using the mouse scroll wheel.
Customizing: Actions can be customized for any application - simply assign as many keystrokes and/or shortcuts as desired to a ring segment using the preferences panel. The ring activation key (option by default) can also be changed.

SwiftRing comes with built in support for Safari and iTunes. A generic ring is also supported to provide common actions for unrecognized applications.

Speed Demons: Power users can hold the activation key, quickly touch a segment, and release option without the ring ever popping up for maximum efficiency. The scroll wheel can also be used to perform highly repetitive actions.

What's new in SwiftRing

Version 1.3:
  • Disabled registration key button after valid key is entered to avoid confusion.

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