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Optimize your productivity through visual day planning.   Demo ($9.99)
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DayMap is a visual planning program which allows you to plan your days and weeks for optimum productivity. Organize projects and subtasks in the intuitive project outliner. Use the weekly calendar located below the Outliner to easily schedule those important todo's.

DayMap helps you make the most of every day, every week.
What's New
Version 1.8.1:
  • [Fixed] Fixed problem migrating task description text from version 1.7 and earlier.
  • [Fixed] Fixed problem dropping a task near the edge of the Calendar view which could result in endless scrolling.
  • [Improved] Improved reliability of iCloud syncing. Fixed frequent update loop which could occur in some situations.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later

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DayMap User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Chadseld commented on 27 Feb 2014
Thanks everybody for the great feedback! We have created a Demo version which is available on our website.

We greatly value your input and direct our development accordingly.
Version 1.8.0 has many new goodies so I invite you to try it out and tell us what you think.

Chad Seldomridge
DayMap Developer
[Version 1.7.1]



Tfindlay reviewed on 07 Jan 2014
I have tried many "todo" type apps and I have nearly always wound up not using them after awhile. I think DayMap might just be one that I will stick with. Here are some of the features that make me say this:
- you can see all projects and items at once
- you can drag and drop items from one project to another
- you can drag and drop items from one day to another
- system hotkey to add items on the fly
- easy to use and learn
- syncs with iCloud
[Version 1.7.1]


Aetnaria commented on 05 Jan 2014
Price is now $12.99 in the mac app store.
[Version 1.7.1]

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Aetnaria replied on 07 Feb 2014
Well, now it's $9.99 at the mac app store.


lemon-kun reviewed on 30 Dec 2013
Well this got to be the GTD app with the best UI concept ever.

Actually I downloaded DayMap only because it was on sale, well, it looked interesting from screenshots and videos. I am a heavy OmniFocus user and didn't think I'd have much use for it. But now after trying, I find this app completely convincing, and ever since downloading I use it daily.

As Actwolf described below, it's a brilliant UI concept, look and feel. And it has to be mentioned, while DayMap follows minimalist principles, projects can go surprisingly "deep", splitting up tasks into sub-tasks, sub-sub-tasks, sub-sub-sub-tasks (etc. etc. etc.). Of course, DayMap is no OmniFocus, so if you need something really complex, DayMap isn't for you. But even then it might prove useful as a companion app: I use DayMap for one specific part of my work-life and for that it serves me very well.

DayMap has one killer feature for me: it shows recurring tasks in the calendar as multiple items, so for example you can have one task repeated from Tuesday to Friday and DayMap will show an entry for every day (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday). Other apps (like OmniFocus) generate the next (repeated action) only after the first one is completed.

This way, DayMapThis is ideal if you have tasks that take longer, and you want to work on a task every day a bit. So unlike the other to-do apps, you don't just get to see a frightening due date, but instead you see when you will work – more like with planing software. That is really great for motivation.

Regarding the feature requests of other commentators here: Personally, I wouldn't need these, and with every new feature the developer runs risk of ruining the clean interface. "All in one place" is usually a way to get things cluttered. I hope the developer goes here his/her own way and won't sacrifice UI for features. This is not to say that there isn't anything to improve with this app, I see quite a few things where the developer could work on – before adding new features.

Anyway, one more thing, it has to be said: at 13$ this really needs a demo version, and I find it rather mind-boggling that the developer doesn't provide one. DayMap is a well-done, polished app! I really have a hard time trying to understand that. Productivity is an individual thing, one has to be able to evaluate what works best for his/her needs. So, dear developer, it's very simple: if you don't want to offer a demo, you have to sell at 5$-8$. If you want to sell your app at 13$ you need to provide a demo. It is true, you can always find new customers by setting your app from time to time "on sale", but this is actually pretty unfair to those customers who payed full price.
[Version 1.7.0]

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lemon-kun replied on 30 Dec 2013
Sorry, I meant: "Amadeuswolf"


JoseSiman6158 reviewed on 22 May 2013
This App could be much better if you could:
1. Change the font and font size of project names and tasks. (needed)
2. Assign time to the tasks (urgent)
3. Set reminders of your tasks (urgent)
4. Be able to send reminders to command center
5. Group projects and collapse the groups. For instance, have Personal Projects and Work Projects (not urgent.)
6. Sync with Reminders and iCal
7. Change the aesthetics/look of the app, more like a Mac app. You can check how iCal does to move from days, weeks and months and include views for them.
8. Drag and drop emails and link them on the app, more like, send an email to a task and have the app be able to link to the email.
9. Add more items to a projects, not just tasks, for instance if I work on a project, I have emails and contacts related to it. It would be very useful if I could have all in one place.

I am willing to become a beta tester if the developer allows for it. I think this app has potential if the developers invests more time on it. For now, I don't think it is worth $12.99, it is more like a $9.99 app.
[Version 1.6.1]

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Ueila replied on 13 Oct 2013
I like your suggestions. If the app had a better interface I would be tempted to switch and the ability to link to files related to projects would be very useful.


Amadeuswolf reviewed on 03 May 2013
The improvements make DayMap even more of an invaluable product, not only for getting work done but for adding a unique corkboard capability to your GTD toolkit. In fact, DayMap works totally when you think of the tasks as being index cards that you can post and repost and duplicate and repeat according to a very intuitive set of rules. It's the best implementation of the Planner Pad calendars which grokked GTD before it was an acronym. It illuminates at a high level perspective that you must be in command of your data and not let it become too automated, whatever the systems you wind up using. I wish there were a version for Chrome which I am using on the road. DayMap crashed once before getting up and running, but is running okay since. I would back up data and save old version just to be safe. It may have just been a hiccough.

The improvements are good ones and implemented neatly. Most important is the repeating tasks feature and the buttons for quickly minimizing project columns. The Show Backups is very responsible. The added ability to double-click to edit items in the search results is also useful. The new look is a definite improvement inasmuch as the old look can go.
[Version 1.6.0]



Lev reviewed on 26 Aug 2012
Agree in principle with Amadeuswolf (below) but in practice you run out of space fairly soon (>7 "projects" on a 13" MacBook) and have to scroll around, which gets a bit clumsy given the simplicity of the interface.

A good idea, but not yet powerful enough for anything more than the simplest set-up. Lord knows I loathe the Cult of GTD, which surely by now should be *so* over, but there's an in-between territory which hasn't yet been staked out. DayMap might be in with a claim.

BUT... due to the current constraints, anyone with an even slightly complex life to juggle will have to use DayMap *and* something else (TaskPaper, OmniFocus, a notebook) which is a recipe, perhaps, for things falling through the cracks.

Definitely one to watch with interest and the $5 intro price is a steal.

Oh, and, for pity's sake, the skeumorphism. Please, developers, unskin the thing. We're grown-ups. We don't need to pretend our computers aren't really computers. The Inbox, with its little torn-off slips of paper, is cute. But many of us *hate* cute.
[Version 1.5.1]



Amadeuswolf reviewed on 17 Aug 2012
An extraordinary vision of the ideal minimalist GTD app, a brilliant digital translation of the "funnel down" Planner Pad concept, without losing the tactile sense of working with pen and paper. Being able to move tasks and projects around on DayMap's ingeniously designed canvas is a delight, not least for the way the program displays states of readiness along with an ease of moving things around that positively encourage "what if?" thinking. It has transformed the stress in my professional life into a markedly more productive flow. The physical design makes only the essential concessions to features, but provides a deceptively powerful interface which, thank goodness, can only be changed in column and window sizes, and in colors (Lego for adults). Totally minimalist export--print or PDF only--make total sense, although when trying one of the various options the program hung on me. So back up fanatically.
[Version 1.5.1]


JasonE commented on 10 May 2012
Really would like to try this, but it requires 10.7. I would like to ask the developer what portions of the program actually require 10.7 functionality that 10.6 does not have.
[Version 1.5.0]


Anon-Bud commented on 15 Feb 2012
So here's the thing: This is such a new way of doing tasks and projects that I do not want to spend $25 up front, just to find out it doesn't meet my needs.

Sorry. I'm sure this might be a fine app, but I cannot risk shelling out this kind of cash without working a demo first.

No Demo. No Sale.
[Version 1.1.0]

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Paulb replied on 12 Mar 2012
I actually sent the developer and Apple an email about this because this is really a shortcoming of the Mac App Store. They need a way to offer demo/trial just as a developer would do. Once a developer decides to use the MAS as the only distribution point, they remove that possibility entirely. Shortcoming on Apple's part.

Aetnaria replied on 10 May 2012
It's on sale for $5 in the MAS at the moment. Still not the same as a demo, I know, but the gateway price is lower.

Now if only it worked on Snow Leopard so that I would be able to use it...

Svenster replied on 10 May 2012
Dito. So many apps we now no longer consider for lack of a demo.... The upside is we are saving quie a bit of money...!
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Date:06 Mar 2014
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DayMap is a visual planning program which allows you to plan your days and weeks for optimum productivity. Organize projects and subtasks in the intuitive project outliner. Use the weekly calendar located below the Outliner to easily schedule those important todo's.

DayMap helps you make the most of every day, every week.

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