1.1 11 Nov 2011

Native Ruby on Rails editor.


Developer website: Valletta Ventures

RailSide is Mac OS X's first native Ruby on Rails editor. Written in Cocoa, it fits well with the Mac OS desktop. It is responsive, attractive, it is an IDE that feels like an editor.

Written from scratch with Ruby on Rails in mind, there is no need for a project file, just drop a Rails app folder on the dock, and your app's source files will appear in the navigation view, organised by category with related models, views and controllers grouped together.Once you've opened a project, the development server is booted, and the output will appear in the integrated console. Any errors that occur while you test the app with the built in browser are detected and it will direct you straight to the offending line of source code.

Integrated RVM support means you can test your code with any version of Ruby on Rails.

RailSide features:

  • Navigation view: Organise files in logical MVC categories to speed up navigation.
  • Single window: Editing, navigation, preview and execution can all occur within RailSide's window. This works excellently with Lion's fullscreen mode.
  • Global search: Search all files in your project whether they are ruby, javascript, css or html.
  • Jump to errors: Any errors that occur during execution of your app in RailSide's built in console are detected, and RailSide will lead you to the error in the source code.
  • Navigable by keyboard: There is no need to reach for a mouse when coding.
  • Git support: File statuses appear in in the navigation and browser views, and you can commit to a repository, or revert files to the last commit all within RailSide.
  • RVM: Integrated support for the Ruby Version Manager. Choose the interpreter and gemset you wish to test with from within RailSide.
Some features of RailSide, specifically the preview and console operations, require Ruby on Rails to be installed, and it is not included in the RailSide bundle. Ruby and the Ruby on Rails Web application framework may be downloaded free of charge at ruby-lang.org and rubyonrails.org respectively. Without Ruby on Rails installed, RailSide will operate only in Editor mode. Similarly RVM support requires the RVM ruby gem, which can be installed by typing 'gem install rvm' on the command line.

What's New

Version 1.1:
  • rvm support
  • better support for languages other than ruby
  • improvements to Web view


  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Ruby on Rails installed for full RailSide features


Current Version (1.x)


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11 Nov 2011
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