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Magican lets you carry out several basic operations in a floating window. For instance, Magican monitors the network traffic in an absolutely new way, and the "Purge RAM" can help you quickly convert the inactive memory into free memory. In addition, you can also get the local weather forecast and terminate unnecessary processes in the floating window.

Magican can help you locate all of the junk and virus-infected files on your Mac, and then "One-Click" helps to eliminate all of them. If your Mac has a virus-infected file, you can choose to trust it, delete it, or place it
What's New
Version 1.4.8:
  • Enhanced detection in App Uninstallation.
  • Optimized memory usage of Magican.
  • Enable displaying Fan speed in floating window even if Fan Control closed.
  • Fixed network speed display bug in Firewall part.
  • Other bugs fixed.
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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Magican User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Tony2013 reviewed on 23 Mar 2014
Is this safe to install? It doesn't send any private info back to the developer does it?
[Version 1.4.8]



Djefis reviewed on 16 Mar 2014
Something did not work properly, not everything is perfect. ...
[Version 1.4.8]


GeoProf commented on 12 Jun 2013
This is the weirdest collection of functions in a single app that I've ever seen. The fact that it's distributed as a .pkg file that must be installed (with no clarity at all about what's being installed and where) makes thuds an absolute no-brainer MUST AVOID app.
[Version 1.4.4]

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Smccandlish replied on 17 Oct 2013
Only a rather non-power user thinks that "a .pkg file must be installed...with no clarity at all about what's being installed and where". What was that you were saying about "no-brainer"? Heh.

Smccandlish replied on 17 Oct 2013
Hint: Download Pacifist.

BigJohnson replied on 22 Nov 2013
GeoProf, proofread before submitting.
"thuds" :-)

Smccandlish, or should I call you Einstein?
Guess what? MOST users are "non power users" who don't know about such things.

That's like saying someone is a rather non good-driver because they don't know how to program the stereo controls. Some people just want to turn the key and go, they don't need to know the intricacies of every system.

Hint: Why don't YOU buy Pacifist for GeoProf?


Marcossi reviewed on 01 May 2013
Magican was a pleasant surprise, and I will continue using it. I only miss a schedule function to run some function as scheduled.
[Version 1.4.3]



SxB reviewed on 22 Mar 2013
This software is perfect. Sure, it has yet to evolve but it is quite stable, free (no ads) and despite the number of options it is very easy to use. Congratulations to the developers for this great work!
[Version 1.4.2]


JCH2 commented on 05 Feb 2013
I'm posting this only as comment, for I haven't had time to truly put it through its paces. Overall, I found it to be thorough for what it offers and certainly for the price. But I would never trust it for full AV protection.

I have Symantec corporate and public level packages, as well as the Sophos AV (which is a memory hog, by the by) as well as others. [I was once a partner in a private IT consultancy where I spent some time in duties related to proactive and retroactive network / workstation defense.] Both Symantec and Sophos AV were able to detect more live sandboxed viruses / worms than this package. And I found the package not very good with trojans (malware delivery units for viruses and worms). Yes, those three things are different.

I'm not saying this is a worthless package. As freeware it does very well for general protection. But I will say that if you want maximum defense, this may not be the way to go in the long run. Still is far better than being unprotected at all and stands well for its intent. So give it a try. You'll be happy with it for general use, so long as you are smart about where you go and what you do on the Internet... or with your email.
[Version 1.4.1]

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Tony2013 replied on 05 Feb 2013
You don't need AV protection on Mac. There is not a single active virus in the wild today.

Penguirl replied on 12 Feb 2013
Balogna. There are Java, Flash, and Acrobat vulnerabilities, trojans, phishing attacks, Windows virus' that can be passed on, and so on… To say you don't need A/V protection on a Mac is short sighted and incorrect.

Jurassic replied on 22 Mar 2013
@Penguirl: "Balogna"

Technically, Tony2013 is correct. We don't need AV (anti-virus) protection, because there are no Mac viruses.

But there is Mac malware as you point out.

As for Java and Flash vulnerabilities, if you don't need the Java and Flash plug-ins, don't have them installed.

Windows viruses only affect Windows installations. So if you have Windows installed on your Mac (in Boot Camp or virtualization), you should be running Windows AV in it.

Trojans and phishing are forms of malware... but they are not viruses. These forms of malware require the user to be tricked into installing or using them. If you are installing software from untrusted sources, or if you click on unusual links in email or the web, you should run software (for example ClamXav) to check your Mac.

But overall, Mac users have never had viruses to worry about, and they have nothing like the plague that Windows users must worry about and deal with every day.

Zo219 replied on 26 Jun 2013
Let me know when a virus appears on a Mac. Gave up that game -- which profited Symantec, mostly--years ago. Meanwhile, this experienced user is not exactly living in fear.
Magican Software Ltd (developer) commented on 27 Nov 2012
Thank you for all your reviews here, no matter its good or bad.
Magican is freeware and that may violate benefits of some paid apps, then causing some criticism. We do not local in English customer service, because she comes from Malysia. But that do not means we do nothings on making progress. So as we told in the first sentence, thank you for all your criticism reviews that helps Magican grew up more quickly.
[Version 1.3.0]



Atomicb reviewed on 26 Oct 2012
This is a real fresh take on monitoring software. I have MacKeeper, Onyx, Cocktail and MLCC and all the bells and whistles. To me MLCC is the king of the crop for under the hood, but on a GUI, Magician is so beautiful and easy to use that I have stat menus over my desktop, weather and CPU / RAM. not only is it a good app up against MacKeeper the download and scan feature and the ability to open apps as they are downloaded after being scanned is worth $4.99.

Just my 2 cents.
[Version 1.2.2]

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GianMarco-Tavazzani replied on 22 Mar 2013
You, stingy man, prefer to type in 3 digits more, than paying one cent more?
Tsk-tsk-tsk... :-)

mag01 commented on 06 Oct 2012
First, I've tried slightly older version 1.1.4 than current 1.2.0 but haven't noticed any related changes in the changelog so it shouldn't be too much off.

It looks like a promising piece of software given some of its features that could be otherwise found in paid applications, but to me it feels too much like some sort of circus. I don't want the whole monitoring and weather stuff but couldn't find any simple way to get rid of it. And I don't actually understand why such things have to be in that sort of app. They could make separate applications so that only who really wants them would get them.
Then those ubiquitous "hints" briefly explaining all features...
Why it couldn't be kept simple? It's just too much of "all in one" to my liking.

What I'd like to see:
- simple and clean (minimalistic) UI purely focusing on the related functionality - at least as an option
- ability to switch of all those additional floating windows such as monitors/weather tools
- and I'd actually like to see a separate tiny app with just the Cleaner tool functionality, perhaps combined with the Software Uninstall part at maximum
[Version 1.2.0]


Negritude commented on 06 Oct 2012
Misha Sakellaropoulo, the COO of MacUpdate, said:

"In the last couple years a number of Mac utilities have emerged from developers who are relatively new to the platform. Long-time Mac users (I've been one for 20 years) rightly seem to greet these newcomers with a healthy dose of skepticism... especially the ones who are not familiar with what I'd call "proper Mac etiquette" (annoying marketing tactics, astroturfing [posting fake reviews], etc.) or for whom English is not their native language."

Well, Misha, it's not just a matter of proper "etiquette", as you refer to it, but one of trust and security. The posting of multiple reviews by the same people, or ones that have been solicited by the developer, is the most egregious example of a violation of trust that has not one single thing to do with the Mac platform specifically, but is a general signifier of villainy that all computer users recognize.

In addition, and this is Mac specific, long-time users of this platform have had to endure numerous changes to the virtual ecosystem that they need for support -- from the swallowing up and destruction of MacFixIt and VersionTracker, to the imposition of the crippled and dumbed down phone ethos in the form of the Mac App Store -- that we have come to depend more than ever on the independence and guidance of sites like MacUpdate, to assist us in identifying the riffraff and thugs who would seek to molest our normally pleasant experiences with our computers.

What that means is that you, along with the staff you supervise, have a responsibility to this community to not sugarcoat or downplay the nefarious actions of companies like Magican Software. While your primary responsibility is a fiduciary one, to the LLC that is MacUpdate, a failure to take care of the former, could lead to a decline in the value of the latter.

I'm not trying to be an internet curmudgeon or troll. This is serious. MacUpdate is all we have left. Don't mess it up. Please.
[Version 1.2.0]

1 Reply


Prince_Isaac replied on 15 Oct 2012
@Negritude: Thanks for your lucid and informative rebuttal to Misha. I totally agree with your points.

Unfortunately for all consumers of material goods, whether computers (whether Mac or Windows), whether automobiles or lawn mowers or electronic appliances, it's near-impossible to police comments or reviews on sites that allow such. If sites like MU would implement the means of detecting astro-turfers (looking for different user names from same/similar IP addresses is one method, comparing reviewer IPs with the IP of the developer, there are many techniques), then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

More and more I'm disinclined to visit MU simply because of the degradation of standards of both applications submitted and in the multiple glowing reviews posted within hours of the listing of an app (and using similarly awful English spelling/construction as the developer's description).
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.


OSX-FTW! rated on 23 Dec 2013

[Version 1.4.8]


anto222 rated on 30 Jun 2013

[Version 1.4.6]


SylvainLacroix rated on 25 Jun 2013

[Version 1.4.6]


Old_guy rated on 26 Jan 2013

[Version 1.4.0]


Martin Smatanik rated on 25 Jan 2013

[Version 1.4.0]


Screentom rated on 07 Jan 2013

[Version 1.3.1]

Oldgreyman rated on 09 Dec 2012

[Version 1.3.1]


Fabio Milocco rated on 24 Oct 2012

[Version 1.2.2]

Lth1301 rated on 12 Oct 2012

[Version 1.2.0]


Psychos rated on 31 Aug 2012

[Version 1.1.6]

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Type:Utilities : System
Date:12 Aug 2013
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
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Magican lets you carry out several basic operations in a floating window. For instance, Magican monitors the network traffic in an absolutely new way, and the "Purge RAM" can help you quickly convert the inactive memory into free memory. In addition, you can also get the local weather forecast and terminate unnecessary processes in the floating window.

Magican can help you locate all of the junk and virus-infected files on your Mac, and then "One-Click" helps to eliminate all of them. If your Mac has a virus-infected file, you can choose to trust it, delete it, or place it in "Quarantine". Of course, you may also still wish to know the real-time information on your Mac, so Magican can show it to you with pictorial symbols. All of the data is clearly displayed. Moreover, "Software" helps users completely uninstall any software with the use of a "Remove" button.

Magican also helps users get discounted software from the App Store, and reminds you of any new app updates that are available. Users can also retrieve hardware information from the main window, which can be exported as text or image files.

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