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18 April 2012

Original retro platform-puzzle combo game.


Cavorite is an original and genre-crossing adventure game, appealing to fans of puzzlers and platformers alike.

Dr. Cavor is trapped inside the moon! Held captive by the mysterious Selenites, Dr. Cavor endeavors to escape to the surface and from there to Earth! But first he must match wits with the dwellers of the lunar underworld, whose catacombs are complex and deadly! Dr. Cavor has but two tools at his disposal: his unique genius and his prize invention, the anti-gravity spray 'Cavorite'.

  • 63 mind-bending levels
  • 3 unique worlds and boss battles
  • Precise, smooth controls
  • Retro 16-bit era graphics
  • Hauntingly beautiful chiptune soundtrack
He must match wits with the Selenites. He must avoid perils. He must battle monsters. And above all, he must escape the moon!

What's new in Cavorite

Version 1.1:
  • New HUD!
  • Full screen / windowed toggle option!
  • Crate collision improvement!

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