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10 October 2018

Easy-to-learn computer-aided design.


DeltaCad is a powerful, easy-to-learn CAD (computer-aided design) program designed to meet all of your CAD needs. It can produce accurately scaled architectural or mechanical drawings, or just pretty pictures to paste into your favorite word processor. DeltaCad is more than just a paint program, because you can edit, scale, move, rotate, copy, etc., individual objects, not just paint pixels. DeltaCad allows you to zoom in to draw fine details or zoom out to see the whole drawing. It can be used for drafting, house plans, decks, landscape design, newsletters, brochures, flyers, graphs and charts, presentations, instructions, office or furniture layouts, technical illustrations, business cards, forms, signs, labels, organization charts, flow charts, home or school projects, maps, schematics, pretty pictures, etc.

DeltaCad can be extended by writing your own custom macros in the AppleScript programming language. You can use macros to automatically create objects, or to read in data which you have drawn.

  • Simplified user interface makes it easy to learn and use.
  • On-screen instructions help guide the user.
  • Draws accurately scaled pictures with absolute precision.
  • Draws points, lines, circles, ellipses, arcs, splines, text, curved text, spline text, dimensions, squares, rectangles, triangles, or any misc. shape (filled or empty).
  • Reads and writes .DWG, .DXF, and .DXB files for compatibility with other CAD programs.
  • Pastes pictures into your favorite word processor.
  • Create your own symbols.
  • Calculate length and area.
  • Contains a full-featured AppleScript macro programming language.
  • Creates solid, hidden, center, phantom, cutting, break, stitch, arrow, or double arrow lines, or many different cross-hatch patterns.
  • Easily zoom in and out and move to any part of the drawing.
  • Automatic object snapping makes it easy to create drawings exactly to scale.
  • Edit, move, copy, mirror, rotate, scale, change color, change line type, change cross-hatch pattern, change line weight of any object.
  • Undo or redo the last 50 operations.
  • Edits any two lines to create a corner, radius, or chamfer.
  • Draws on up to 256 layers.
  • Comes complete with many sample drawings and symbol libraries.
  • Supports metric or English units in decimal or fractions.
  • True 64-bit program for improved performance.
  • Print preview shows what the print will look like.
  • Rubber banding helps show how objects will look as they are being drawn.
  • Objects may be grouped into a single object to save memory, and simplify the drawing. Groups may be easily edited, ungrouped, or copied to other parts of the drawing.
  • Create bill-of-materials from grouped objects.

What's new in DeltaCad

Version 8.0.21:
  • The internal precision for x/y drawing coordinates has been increased to an almost unlimited size. You are no longer limited to +/- 100000.0000.
  • Unicode text is now supported, so you can enter virtually any character in any language.®½ßƷȻېḂ
  • Color has been increased to 24 bit. You can now enter almost any color.
  • Units have been added to drawing scale to make it very easy to draw in any units (inches, feet, yards, miles, millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, etc.). You can change the units of a drawing, without having to re-draw anything.
  • You can now adjust the brightness and color saturation of imported images, or make them Black and White. This makes it easy to have a light colored background image.
  • A misc button has been added to the Select toolbar tab with the following new functions: Change precision of selected dimensions. Move selected objects from the select base point to the origin. Move selected objects to bottom of Z-order. Move selected objects to top of Z-order. Ungroup all groups. Ungroup selected groups.
  • A "Find Drawing" button has been added to the View toolbar tab to help find the drawing if you have accidentally zoomed out too far, and you can't find the drawing.
  • If the drawing units (inches, millimeters, etc.) are changed, dimension text will automatically be re-calculated.
  • Added an option for a leading zero on dimensions, so .05 would be displayed as 0.05.
  • If you set a Selected objects base point, it is now visible on the drawing.
  • You can now change the color, size and shape of the snap mode indicator.
  • There is an option for an isometric grid.
  • Drawing forms for metric drawings have been added (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4_P, A4_L, A5, A6).
  • Several more macro examples have been added.
  • Newer .dxf and .dwg file formats are supported.
  • Numerous misc. small improvements.

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2 Reviews of DeltaCad

08 September 2011
Version: 7.0

Most helpful

Too bad the demo currently only works on Windows. I'd like to try this app. It looks quite good.
25 August 2013
Version: 8.0.3
If the developer provided direct sales, as the better developers do .... I'd give this a try. However, since the developer has chosen to only deal through the Apple App store I will not either try or purchase this product.
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08 September 2011
Version: 7.0
Too bad the demo currently only works on Windows. I'd like to try this app. It looks quite good.
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