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17 June 2020

Professional DJ and radio automation.


MegaSeg is a complete solution for pro audio/video DJ mixing, radio automation, and music scheduling with rock-solid performance and an easy-to-use design. Mix with visual waveforms and Magic Trackpad cue and sync. Preview tracks with optional audio outputs and MIDI control. Enjoy fast access and elegant management of your iTunes library, including iTunes Match. Segue or beat-mix between songs or music videos, trigger sound effects via hot keys, note requests via color-coded request lists, cue and preview tracks via multiple sound outputs, create dynamic scheduled playlists, program automatic playlist events, and more...

  • Full iTunes library and playlist integration, including iTunes Match.
  • Visually sync beats in real-time with the waveform viewer.
  • Use Multi-touch trackpad gestures for cue-scrub, pitch shift, and sync.
  • Kick back on autopilot with automatic segues.
  • Change the font face, color, and size.
  • Preview and cue songs in your headphones with multiple audio outputs.
  • Supports any MIDI controller.
  • Compatible with older protected iTunes tracks.
  • Rock-steady with superior program stability.
  • Built from the ground up to work exclusively on the Mac.
  • Play-history logs and auto-saved playlists
  • Adjust tempo with pitch lock (time-stretch)
  • Events to auto-start playlists and insert tracks
  • Request List with reminder notes
  • Scheduler for playlist generation
  • Color-coded categories and tracks
  • Hot keys to trigger sound effects
  • Full HD video playback
  • Rules to separate artist’s tracks
  • Mic play-thru with volume ducking
  • Ambient playlist for continuous visuals

What's new in MegaSeg

Version 6.1.2:
  • Added a new “Block Events” option which ignores other events (except Interrupt or Priority events) while tracks added with this option are playing. (For example, to prevent a buildup of events while playing a long track, such as a podcast.)
  • New option to resume a track after being interrupted by other insert-based events (i.e. Insert Track, Category, or Playlist).
  • Added a log export preset for NPR’s Syndicated Show format. This includes the ability to use relative start times and optionally update the show’s date, name and episode numbers based on Open Playlist events, and the playlist’s name (e.g. “Jason’s Show #42” or “The Disco Hour MM/DD/YYYY”.)
  • New option to delay logging to a server by adding %Delay=X% to the server URL, where X is the number of seconds to delay.
  • Added support for reading an AAC file’s ASIN tag for the Record ID field.
  • Added support for more composer/writer and label/copyright tag variants.
  • Added DJ controller support for the Roland DJ-707M, Traktor Kontrol S8, and Pioneer DDJ-SB3.
  • A deck's track info is now displayed using your assigned category colors.
  • Changing options within the event list now uses a popup menu due to increased options available.
  • Insert Break (Serial Trigger) dialog now uses a font with easier to distinguish zeros.
  • Insert URL event now works with podcast RSS feeds that use extra long enclosure URLs for its episodes.
  • Insert URL now supports .m3u8 video streams by appending a “v” to the end of the URL (i.e. .m3u8v).
  • Insert URL now works with streams that use https (secure) .pls and .m3u playlist files.
  • Help tips now appear when hovering over the Interrupt, Priority, Block, and Resume options in the Events list and Add Event dialog.
  • Insert Break (Serial Trigger) flushes the data port after sending.
  • Tracks inserted with Priority mode are now respected when another Insert or Open Playlist event fires.
  • Dragging a folder into the Playlist is now inserted into the list rather than only importing into the Library.
  • Optimized drag-n-drop importing directly into the Playlist and Library views with improved progress feedback.
  • Playback menu “Volume Up” now uses Command [+] rather than [=] so it works on all keyboard layouts.
  • Improved the File Renamer command to show and change the format, only process tracks in the left list view, and show progress as a percentage.
  • Column widths are saved in preferences.
  • Printing (or saving a PDF of) the Log view defaults to selecting the first 5 columns.
  • Save options: The Filter Categories field is now saved in preferences.
  • A pre-formatted NowPlaying.txt file for the BUTT encoder is now saved in ~/Library/Application Support/MegaSeg/
  • Optimized writing metadata tags when only one tag is changed, such as dragging a track into the category list or Hot Keys window to assign a category.
  • If a controller supports backlit buttons, MegaSeg flashes the play button when less than 30 seconds remains.
  • The Note Request dialogs can now be resized.
  • You can now change the text size of the note using the Command -/+ keys while the compose Note Request dialog is visible, or Control -/+ keys while the popup reminder is visible.
  • The URLevents category is now ignored by rules.
  • Changing the rotation order or clicking Shuffle Now enables the Save Library command.
  • Multiple selection drag-n-drop is now supported from both the Library and Category lists into the Playlist Scheduler.
  • Live streams start faster with less buffering.
  • Further optimized library sorting, especially when performing multi-select edits within a large library.
  • Removed the need to download the Osaka font upon first launch.
  • Uses Apple’s latest “Hardened Runtime” requirement.
  • You can now switch between setting the background and foreground colors without closing the color panel.
  • When a row is selected the checkbox is drawn correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with the Dayparting feature, where it may shift an hour based on whether Daylight Saving Time was active when the track was first assigned a daypart.
  • Insert URL with the pre-download option enabled no longer fails when the event is set to trigger before the pre-download time allows.
  • Resolved an issue with Insert URL events processing a stream's m3u URL that uses a server redirect rather than actual m3u content.
  • Tracks that have been renamed to remove a duplicate number suffix will be found automatically.
  • If a media folder is replaced with an alias pointing to the relocated folder on another volume, MegaSeg can now resolve it.
  • Canceling a drag-and-drop import no longer causes import dialogs to display when dragging tracks within the playlist.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Import to Category” option would display “Uncategorized” instead of the default “Same as Genre” option.
  • If there are no tracks in the log viewer, the Save As button is now disabled, which avoids a possible error.
  • Fix for a rare error when a Break Track starts.
  • Send to Server: When using the RDS/TCP/Telnet modes, and the IP:Port is not set correctly or an RDS unit is not responding, it no longer causes a freeze.
  • Sending artwork to a remote player/server more reliably differentiates between “missing artwork notes” and off-white artwork.
  • Tags that use “extended size” fields no longer cause a corrupt file message.
  • Fixed an issue where an AAC Label tag would not be read.
  • Fixed an issue where artwork embedded in an AIFF file may not be detected.
  • Resolved an issue where certain USB audio interfaces worked inconsistently.
  • Fixed the Preview/Cue buttons for the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 controller.
  • No longer shows unnecessary “default” playlists (e.g. TV Shows, Movies) on non-English systems.
  • Solved an issue where new playlists added to the may appear unsorted.
  • The Playlist’s duration time takes into account backtimed voiceover tracks.
  • Opening a very large playlist no longer creates a blank row at 100,000.
  • If a rule replaces a track with the same category that contains a URL-based track, it’s no longer reported as a missing file.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Insert URL button from working with podcast RSS feeds.
  • Fixed a possible issue when exiting full screen mode while a 2nd desktop was arranged to the left of the main desktop display.
  • Fixed a rare issue where AIFF and WAV files with missing extensions would not play.
  • Custom interface colors no longer reset to the default when selecting black for the row color.
  • Fixed a possible issue playing very long audio files.
  • Fixed an issue where stream playback via VLC would not use the correct output device.
  • Fixed a possible crash when clearing the search box within the Folders View.
  • Resolved a possible DRM playback error.
  • Showing the Mixer no longer fails when the window must be resized to accommodate.
  • Video: Fixed an issue using full screen video mode while viewing MegaSeg’s main window full screen at the same time (via Spaces).
  • Videos and Hot Keys again use the proper output device.
  • If access was not granted to a restricted folder needed to play a track, it now reports the problem with instructions on how to grant access in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy settings.
  • Resolves an issue where an irrelevant “Enable iTunes XML” dialog may appear.

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14 Reviews of MegaSeg

26 July 2012
Version: 5.8.4

Most helpful

This app have always been a crappy app and will stay that way until somebody with a clue does a complete rewrite. The autoplay of Traktor DJ Studio is way way better for a broadcasting radio studio and very stable too. Don't get me started on DJing.
26 July 2012
Version: 5.8.4
This app have always been a crappy app and will stay that way until somebody with a clue does a complete rewrite. The autoplay of Traktor DJ Studio is way way better for a broadcasting radio studio and very stable too. Don't get me started on DJing.
20 March 2012
Version: 5.8.1
MegaSeg has been a great automation solution to our college radio station for 10 years and it has been great. The developers took a few of our suggestions for making it better for our use and implemented them in the next version they released. We run it over summer vacation at our station and it runs for 3 months without issue. For the money its a great app if you are looking for a solution for a low power or school radio station. The manual is a bit long but it does cover EVERYTHING you need to know and some you might not even thought of. Once it is setup you are good to go for a long time without worry.
23 November 2010
Version: 5.5.2
Ugliest interface ever... stuck somewhere in 1995.. For the same price you get Traktor Pro or Virtual DJ or Deckadance..
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05 May 2007
Version: 4.0.2
(Comment on my previous Review for 4.0.1.) Dropouts are gone(!) on my Mac with the new 4.0.2. (If you still have dropouts, try how it is with "keep drives spinning" OFF in the prefs.) Also the developer is now very responsive to reports and questions. Since this were the only main points annoying me with the app, and they are gone, I can now update my personal rating to a full 5 stars. I start really loving this toy.
21 April 2007
Version: 4.0.1
good: nice and clean interface. great for a half-automatic party with the ability to drop in special songs from a wishlist at a given order or given time!! (think of a midnight special at a birthday party)... much superior to iTunes in that respect. bad: still Dropouts on my MacBookPro at many songs and/or certain button clicks does not sync nicely yet with iTunes (tons of errors with importing tags and stuff) search features could be much improved. If the few bugs are removed it will be my favourite toy for private party dj-ing... You should also check out Disco XT, that one goes the same direction with it's automatic playlist... At the moment I prefer the UI of Megaseg but Disco XT has no dropouts and that counts.
19 July 2005
Version: 3.1.4
(Pardon my english) This kuffin hitsh doesnt work correctly. For more than weeks, i try to setup events and playlists. Yesterday, the first Day them works fine, correctly loaded n played for bout 12 hours. Last Night, the loading of events n playlists stopped. And now, the programmed n saved events wouldnt run anymore. Reboot n Reload without any improvement. Anybody knows help?! Thx 4 answering. :(
11 January 2005
Version: 3.0.1
If your only goal is to replace iTunes for your home entertaining, ok it doesn't worth the price... But if you're running a commercial radio, broadcasting 24h/day, the price is just a joke ! This app is VERY stable, the database is tweakable, the level of customization is good, etc... I was on the move to leave the mac platform for broadcasting uses until I've found this jewel !
11 January 2005
Version: 3.0.1
are you kidding me?? 169 bucks for this "carbon" app.... no way!!!
24 November 2004
Version: 3.0
Comment from Switzerland (in bad English): I think, this is a "Builded with RealBasic"-Application, so there's no way to be "fast or stable". Beware! RealBasic is very, very good to learn some basics in programming (thanks RB), but that's all. Don't pay money for "Builded with RealBasic"-Applications! Sorry for being such a smart ass, but I wasted too much time with RealBasic: it was full of non-working "features"... and after a few months I stopp'd working with this crap-basic-compiler-nonsense-stuff. Sorry again! I don't start RB-Apps on my Mac. If I start one, after a few seconds I KNOW this is builded with REALBasic (slow, crashes, flickers) - most of the RB-Freaks aren't good programmers, they are like kids exploring de world of a sandbox with the illusion they stay in the heaven.
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21 October 2004
Version: 2.7.4
Is there any way to get this program to send its output to the audio port on an Airport Express (like iTunes does)? Also, is there a way of mixing in an additional signal coming from an analog audio input into the stream? To truely be a full dj solution for us we need that analog input to accept signals from a microphone preamp, satellite receiver etc. With the ability to feed to an Airport Express we could do remote broadcasts, or feed directly to our transmitter site. We'd use a modified Airport Express with an external antenna, and have an antenna on our laptop's wireless card as well.
Mike Baker
20 October 2004
Version: 2.7.4
MegaSeg is used at WJJG-AM 1530 as well as WLTL-FM 88.1 with good reason. It surpasses any Windows or Linix application. Automation part of the time and live assist the rest of the time can be accomplished easily with MegaSeg. No training needed at a comercial radio station and great for a high school radio station. Mike Baker And The Forgotten 45's Host on WJJG-AM 1530 and Supervisor at WLTL-FM 88.1 Lyons Township High School District 204
20 October 2004
Version: 2.7.4
I actually coughed up £100 for this program over a year ago.. i was so so so so so gutted after trying Traktor 2.5.3..... no beat-matching! no fun!
28 July 2004
Version: 2.7.3
I purchased MegaSeg, and am very disappointed with it. I was very enthused with the program being a vinyl dj. However, the program has many bugs, and the audio skips and drops out to a random pattern. Maybe someone else has had this problem and can help me. Fidelity is slow to respond to my questions and is unfamiliar wiht this problem. If anyone can help me I'm open to suggestions, because the programmers at Fidelity aren't helpful.
17 February 2004
Version: 2.7.2
This is THE best and most extensive DJ program for the mac. Well worth the money if you are serious about transitions and features.