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14 August 2011

200 beautifully rendered fractal images.


Fractacular has 200 beautifully rendered fractal images using the awesome SAM (Stripe Average Method) coloring scheme. The vast majority of them are from deep inside a one pixel square location at the seventeenth node of the northwest side of Seahorse Valley.

After creating the software and gradients to achieve this distinctive style of shallow-depth-3D fractals, the final 200 fractal images were culled from thousands of fractal images that I created over many months. This app is the culmination of about nine man-months worth of time.

Fractacular has a dynamically animated, futuristic GUI that's completely interactive. Access the fractal database to pick a fractal image to view, or just click the FRACTAL button to go the next fractal.

Click the RUN button to automatically cycle through all the fractal images in sequence (with a fade transition animation after 20 seconds). It will automatically rollover back to the start after showing the last fractal. This works great as a quasi-Screensaver when in Full-Screen Mode.

Whenever you choose a new fractal, the app will target the Fractal Coordinate in Fractal-Space and then simulate scanning Fractal-Space to retrieve the fractal and bring it into view. The position of the current fractal is shown in the full Mandelbrot image of both the large viewer and the Nano-Viewer in the bottom-left of the window, via the white targeting arrows. The coordinate values, diameter, and render magnification are also displayed to the right of the Nano-Viewer.

IMPORTANT: This app does not allow you to create your own fractals. To do that, please check out my FractalMaker app.

Click the MODE button to toggle between Full-Screen Mode and Windowed Mode.

To extend the usefulness of this app, in version 3, I've included a large digital clock that can be optionally displayed. It's primarily intended to be used when you are running the app in quasi-screensaver mode, to check the time from a distance. The clock can run in 12-hour or 24-hour mode, and the seconds readout can be turned on or off.

Additionally, I've added a MUTE button so you can turn off all of the sound effects.

Live Long and Prosper. //


  • 200 Fractal Images
  • 28 Color Themes
  • Fractal Space Targeting
  • Fractal Space Coordinate Readout
  • Clock
  • Big Clock
  • System Version Readout
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Titlebarless Windowed Mode
  • Millennium StarDate
  • Cool Sound Effects
  • Mute Sound Effects
Feedback: If you have any questions, please feel free to email the developer. Use the same email address if you have suggestions for new features, general feedback, or if you discover a bug in the app. Feedback is both welcome and encouraged. It helps me make the app as awesome as possible.

What's new in Fractacular

Version 3.0:
  • OS X 10.7 Compliance.
  • Added Big Clock.
  • Added Mute Sound Effects Button.
  • Streamlined GUI.
  • Removed Color Analysis.

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3 Reviews of Fractacular

15 August 2011
Version: 3.0

Most helpful

Not free. $3.99.
Big Johnson
26 September 2011
Version: 3.0
I'm not sure why this is considered a screensaver, since it runs as an app. It can't be started by my screensaver engine and if it's running and a screensaver starts, the screensaver takes precedence. Haven't used it long enough to determine stability, but it's currently running on OS X 10.7.2 64-bit Intel.
Big Johnson
22 September 2011
Version: 3.0
Looks like something has changed in the past few weeks. The Download link on this page now leads to a free download from the App Store. I guess if you can't sell something, you give it away. Yep, looks like I posted the wrong app's link in my first post. I sure wish this site would allow editing of posts!
15 August 2011
Version: 3.0
Not free. $3.99.
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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
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