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11 July 2013

Import data into Evernote.


Everport aids you in importing data into Evernote. In this first release Everport supports importing data from your 37signals Backpack accounts. Simply enter your accounts and select the account to work with. Then look through your Backpack pages right in Everport and mark the ones you want to import into Evernote. Click Import into Evernote and all your data will be imported. A stack is created named after your Backpack account. Under that stack will be a notebook for each page. Each item on that page will be a separate note in Evernote.

What's new in Everport

Version 1.1.7:
  • Emails are now handled as plain text. This fixes a problem with Evernote getting confused with mailto: hrefs
  • Note titles with Textile links are now converted with the link being added to the note.

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