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13 July 2011

Toggle the tap-to-click feature on your laptop or trackpad.


Pa'ina allows you to quickly toggle the behavior of your trackpad on your laptop, or a magic trackpad!

Games, Image editing software.. Having the tap-to-click feature always enabled on your trackpad can be annoying, and switching it back and forth can also become annoying.

Meet Pa'ina, one click, one hotkey away, to toggle the tap-to-click feature


  • Enable support for laptop's built-in trackpad or the bluetooth Magic Trackpad.
  • SMART Mode: Key mode changes with the application that has the focus. When an application has the wrong mode, hit the shortcut, and the settings is automatically stored in the pref if it wasn't defined before.
  • Customizable shortcut: Use the one you like, thanks to the shortcut recorder (see About screen)
  • Icons theme: Choose from four different themes for your icons displayed in the menu bar
  • Notifications: Growl, Pa'ina notifications
  • And the possibility to have NO notifications at all.

Attention: Pa'ina does not change the system preference attached to this setting, but simply overrides the behavior of your trackpad when Pa'ina is running. That means that while Pa'ina is running you should not change the setting from within the System Preferences. When you quit Pa'ina, the original setting as it was defined will be restored.

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