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04 April 2007

Improves internet-based transactions and banking features.


The Release 6 (R6) Update delivers overall improved reliability for Quicken for Mac 2005 and is recommended for all users. The Quicken for Mac 2005 R6 Update updates Quicken for Mac 2005 releases R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5. It is not necessary to install previous updates prior to installing this update.


Support is now provided for additional secure connections when performing Direct Connect online banking with your financial institution.

The download time of financial institution list updates has been reduced.

Performance of the Home Inventory feature has been enhanced in working with high-resolution images, creating inventory reports, and switching between the Categories and Locations lists.

You can now select multiple items in the Home Inventory image browser window.

When adding new images to a Home Inventory data file, saving periodically will enhance Home Inventory's performance.

If you are running Mac OS X 10..28 and add or remove pictures in an iPhoto album in iPhoto after you have already selected that album in Home Inventory, those changes are now reflected in the Home Inventory Show menu.

Stability improvements have been made to prevent Quicken from quitting unexpectedly when launching.

For financial institutions that support both Direct Connect and Web Connect download, you can now select either method.

When reports are exported in TurboTax format, they are now automatically appended with .TXF so that they are immediately recognized by TurboTax.

The security certificate used to ensure your online banking sessions are secure has been updated.

The transaction matching logic has been improved for downloaded investment transactions.

Downloaded banking transactions that contain check numbers with leading zeros no longer display the leading zeros, so that you can see the relevant numbers (up to five digits).

Stability improvements were made with regard to downloading Web Connect investment files.

The graph in the Security Detail window no longer displays a date range outside of the price history contained in the Quotes file.

Prices that include four or more digits to the right of the decimal or more than seven total digits are no longer truncated in the Transactions tab of the Security Detail window.

The horizontal scroll bar is now proportional to the size of the window and amount of data displayed in the window.

Stability improvements were made in the Portfolio window with regard to clicking the News icon and moving transactions from one account to another.

Quicken now gives you the ability to set up a security on the fly when performing a Corporate Acquisition investment action.

The date field for Corporate Acquisition and Spin Off actions now supports keyboard shortcuts.

The column title "*" has been changed to "Estimated" in the Portfolio Value report.

The Performance IRR, Performance ROI, Portfolio Value, and Asset Allocation reports now support customization based on the Security field.

Resolved issues

Quicken sometimes miscalculated security prices for downloaded investment transactions involving approximately 472,000 shares or more.

In some cases, investment transactions would reappear in the Download Transactions window after being accepted or deleted.

Issues that could inhibit the ability to record new transactions or edit transactions through the Download Transactions window have been resolved.

When using online banking, prior statements could be lost after editing an account.

Online transfers could become duplicated when sending online transfers through multiple financial institutions.

An issue that could prevent enabling an account for Direct Connect online access if it had previously been enabled using Web Connect has been resolved.

Display issues in the Home Inventory Locations and Categories lists have been resolved.

If you did not have iPhoto installed or had renamed it, you might have experienced an issue where the Show menu selection remains selected after Home Inventory detects that iPhoto is not available and the progress meter continues spinning indefinitely.

Dragging an image from the main window to a different location updated the list selection, but sometimes did not update the main window.

An issue in which an Internal Error 760 or 761 could occur when performing various tasks in Quicken (creating reports, downloading transactions, and so on) has been resolved.

When setting up accounts, you might have noticed that the date fields did not respond to the keyboard shortcut keys.

When entering text in a highlighted register field, Quicken sometimes did not respond and it was necessary to first click in the field before it would accept typing.

In some cases, pressing Command-W while a pop-up menu was open might have caused Quicken to unexpectedly quit.

Security prices were not always updated when using the Scheduled Update feature.

Under Mac OS 10.2.8, the column headers in the Scheduled Updates window might have displayed intermittently.

When using the One Step Update feature to update accounts linked to Discover cards, text in the Update History tab was sometimes corrupted.

Under some circumstances, Quicken reported an error when using the One Step Update feature when there was no error.

You might have experienced problems converting your data file from previous versions of Quicken when you chose to replace your toolbar with the new Quicken default toolbar settings.

You might have experienced an issue where some older data files would not open in Quicken 2005.

If you were upgrading from a version of Quicken earlier than Quicken 2000 and tracking a long history of many security prices, you might have experienced problems converting to Quicken 2005.

You might have received an Internal Error 701 when running some reports.

You might have had difficulty removing an account from the toolbar if the toolbar was full.

When downloading transactions the Accept All button would become inactive after using the Accept button.

Issues were resolved with tabbing through and accepting downloaded transactions into the account register.

You might have noticed a problem recording the category for a downloaded transaction in the Download Transactions window.

In some cases, categories added to a transaction using the pop-up menu in the Download Transactions window were not being recorded.

When downloading investment transactions, the split ratio for downloaded stock split transactions could sometimes be reversed (for example, 1 for 2 instead of 2 for 1).

Downloaded investment transactions with a zero balance were not recorded correctly in the register after being accepted.

You might have experienced an issue in the Graph tab of the Securities Detail window where securities without symbols were mislabeled in the legend.

A problem with editing the Security Type list when clicking Add Security from the Portfolio was resolved.

The ÒMargin InterestÓ investment transaction type did not work properly for some customers.

An issue with calculating Capital Gains reports containing sales of multiple security lots using a single sell transaction has been resolved.

An issue with calculating Investment Income reports that contain Short Sells and/or Cover Shorts has been resolved.

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