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28 April 2015

Share your photos with any iOS device.


MyPicServer gives you the most easy way to sell your photos to your client.

  • Share pictures from your photo session
  • Give customers the opportunity to select the photos at home on their iOS device
  • Receive customer orders around the clock automatically
  • No upload to cloud service - you are in complete control of your data
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Download today and receive your first 50 Order Credits* for free

Your customers are able to lookup and select your photos at their iPhone or iPad in a most convenient way. Because you defined the costs of the photos and their output format beforehand, your costumer will always be able to see the overall costs for their order. You will see the order from your customers directly in MyPicServer and can handle the order effortless by browsing through the self-explanatory folder structure.

The configuration is quite simple. All you need, is a port-forwarding rule set in your router to your MyPicServer. Is your ip address changing dynamically (i.e. every 24h) you should use a domainname service, that resolves your dynamic ip address.

Note: sYou have to buy 'Order Credits' to receive customer orders. 'Order Credits' is a in app purchase feature from MyPicServer.

What's new in MyPicServer

Version 2.4:
  • Better url loading system

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