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26 September 2011

Monitor your posture electronically.


PostureTrack allows you to monitor your posture electronically.

If you spend hours hunched over our computer, there's a good chance that you will eventually suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain due to poor posture. Healthy posture is fundamental to physical health and vitality, while poor posture, unfortunately, is habitual and usually very hard to change without help. That's where PostureTrack comes in...

PostureTrack utilizes patent pending technology to provide feedback that allows you to see in real-time how well you're able to maintain your desired posture. Utilizing your camera as a sensor, PostureTrack sits in the corner of your screen while you work and shows you how you're doing moment to moment, gently reminding you when your posture isn't meeting your target. This program also displays how well you've been able to successfully maintain your desired posture over time. Running in the background, PostureTrack avoids distracting you from your work. Better posture means less pain and increased work efficiency. Avoid costly disabling healthcare problems that chronic poor body mechanics can cause. Healthy posture feedback can help us to build better habits and live more comfortably and naturally.

Warning: A healthy posture may be habit forming!

Note: PostureTrack utilizes your camera solely for providing posture feedback. Images are never saved or transmitted.

What's new in PostureTrack

Version 1.3.0:
  • Improved stability and bug fixes- new icon

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