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PlusMaker Updater1.0.3

14 October 1999

Easily concert your hard drive into HFS+ format for saved disk space.


The Mac OS Extended Format (also known as HFS Plus) is a new disk format that increases the number of allocation blocks on a disk, thus decreasing the size of each allocation block. Smaller allocation blocks mean substantially less wasted disk space at the end of each file. More allocation blocks mean you can have more files on your disk because the available space can be more finely distributed among a larger number of files.

PlusMaker allows you to make any HFS disk larger than 8 MB into an HFS Plus disk. Simply convert the disk of your choice and then enjoy the maximum benefit of the Mac OS Extended Format without the hassle of initializing your disks and restoring all of your files from backups! Your aliases will still work, plus your disk will have much less wasted space and the allocation block size will be a tiny 0.5 KB-the smallest possible, yet it will incur no performance penalties.

What's new in PlusMaker Updater

Version 1.0.3 is completely compatible with MacOS 9 while retaining compatibility with previous versions of the Mac OS.

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