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Story Turbo2.2.0.1

21 June 2013

Flexible text and image editor (was Story Lite).


Story Turbo (was Story Lite) is a multiple editor with large zoom canvas to work on. Creative and productive for all writing, blogging, notes, ideas, full works.


  • Free full version!
  • Notes and structure and images too in one unique writing and layout app
  • Zoom layouts of boxes of words and images, notes, side boxes
  • Zoom out to see all, zoom in to see details
  • Change colors, group, export/publish
  • With nearly 100 examples and templates
  • With custom clipart ��" comic characters, speech bubbles, arrows, boxes etc ��" get creative!
  • Place your main text, story, essay, report, research, blog, etc. into a large editing box.
  • Surround this with as many color-coded notes and ideas boxes as you want.
  • Drag the boxes anywhere, pan and zoom to see your whole layout, or just put your notes and ideas to one side.
  • Everything on one big zooming layout! Never lose your important ideas, all work in one file.
  • Export to a fully featured linear word processor for final publishing.
  • Now with image import and formatting for scans of books, screen dumps, inspiring images.

What's new in Story Turbo

  • Group drag now works with mouse-drag as well as control-mouse-drag.
  • Template: now opens with last used template file.
  • Artifacts: Windows: Fixed: temporary artifacts if editing below 100% zoom.

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2 Reviews of Story Turbo

21 June 2013

Most helpful

Strange but very useful way to write short notes. I like this very much.
21 June 2013
Strange but very useful way to write short notes. I like this very much.
02 June 2011
Version: 1.1
Here is the dev's link :