Photoshop CS5 Retouching & Image Adjustment
Photoshop CS5 Retouching & Image Adjustment


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Photoshop CS5 Retouching & Image Adjustment free download for Mac

Photoshop CS5 Retouching & Image Adjustment1.0

02 May 2011

3-hour workshop on professional image adjustments.


Photoshop CS5 Retouching & Image Adjustment...Take photo retouching and adjustments to a whole new level…Learn advanced, professional techniques from a seasoned photographer.

There's photo correction that most people do, and then there's the serious photo retouching and image adjustments that the pros take the time for. This tutorial shows you the latter.

In this detailed 3-hour workshop, veteran photographer and author Dan Moughamian shares the secrets of the pros, showing you just how much farther you can take your digital photos. Moughamian covers everything from enhancing colors and contrast to detailed retouching techniques, image transforms, and selective sharpening and blurring techniques.

New features in CS5, including the amazing Content-Aware Fill, Puppet Warp, and HDR Pro are covered in detail. You'll learn important skills for improving tonality and fine-tuning the color and mood of your images. There's also detailed coverage of photo-retouching skills like blemish and wrinkle repair, creating more precise selections, and lens correction.

Throughout the course, Moughamian also shares professional workflow tips, including shortcuts for using the new HUD Color Picker, that will help ensure you produce the best image, every time.

So sit back and let a pro show you how fantastic your images can really be!

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