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26 April 2011

Stream your music collection online and on your phone.


MeCanto ... Listen to your entire music collection on your phone and on the web. Take your music collection with you, wherever you go, with virtually no storage limit.

Setting up MeCanto is easy:

  • Install the application.
  • Register to the service at
  • Tell the app where your music is located on your computer (iTunes or folders) and login with your email and password.
Now your entire music collection can be accessed from the MeCanto website or your phone (through 3G/WiFi connectivity).

MeCanto is a personal service that was designed and built with protection of Third Party Rights in mind. Only you can access you personal music collection.

You can connect up to 5 computers to your account and access the music stored on those computers.

  • Have your personal music collection automatically and instantly available on your iPhone and on the web.
  • Have virtually unlimited storage for your music.
  • Access your music through the Web and the iPhone
  • Build playlists on the website and listen to them on your iPhone
Note: MeCanto does not support DRM protected music.

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