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Uberstrike HD4.6.2

22 September 2014

Multiplayer first-person shooter.


UberStrike HD is a Multiplayer first-person shooter with hundreds of thousands of players, and we've packed it with so much smackdown that it's illegal for alpacas to play. So team up with a group of Mac maniacs and declare war on the rest of the world!
  • Want massive guns? We've got 'em! Guns packed with destructive power, such as the Magma Rifle and the Executioner!
  • Want to be a ninja assassin with a sword? There's an outfit for that.
  • Want to wear a dinner suit and carry a massive revolver? There's an outfit for that.
  • Want to be a smoking hot babe with a rapid fire rocket launcher? There's an outfit for that.
  • Want to be a knight in shining armor with a friggin' MINIGUN? There's an outfit for that too.
We've got levels where player interactions with the environment shape the gameplay itself. Levels with underwater environments, air balloons, jump pads, teleporters, hidden caves, flying ships, impossibly tall cliffs, ancient ruins, and lost temples. In practical terms, this means that you can be anything from a nimble and gravity-defying adrenaline fueled maniac to an unstoppable, cannon-wielding juggernaut of game-breaking mayhem.

We've got loads of players, so you'll be joining an established community with hundreds of thousands of amazing people. We've made it easy for you to make friends with the UberStrike Communicator, where it's just one click to join any of your online friends in any game.

We've got a ready-built clan system so you and your posse can team up and show other UberStrikers what you're made of in one of our regular globe-spanning tournaments that feature some amazing prizes.

We've also got a thumpin' soundtrack that has some down and dirty dubstep to listen to while you chat to friends or choose your loadout.

Join us, be Uber.

What's new in Uberstrike HD

Version 4.6.2:
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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4 Reviews of Uberstrike HD

28 May 2011
Version: 4.3.1

Most helpful

No eval version? Too bad.
06 September 2014
Version: 4.6.1
Running Yosemite? I am and it crashes within seconds of opening settings. Can't play it at all. hopefully they will/are testing against Yosemite. If not, then all of the 'dev not responsive' reviews may be correct.
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25 June 2013
Version: 4.3.10
The upcoming version release will be online only. Hopefully, this will eliminate the blatant and rampant cheating. I give bad ratings for they Dev's lack of foresight, and unwillingness to reign in players with any kind of governing force.
06 October 2011
Version: 4.3.2
Great game!
28 May 2011
Version: 4.3.1
No eval version? Too bad.
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