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08 April 2011

Back up photos from Flickr and bookmarks from Delicious.


Yakodata lets you download your photos and videos from Flickr and your bookmarks from Delicious.

In just a few clicks, you can do the following with your Flickr photos:

  • Get your Flickr photos and videos back from Flickr, in their original size.
  • Choose from one or several sets and, optionally, photos not in sets.
  • Browse and search through your backed up photos using your browser, even when offline.
If you don't have your photos locally anymore, manually getting them back from Flickr could take months. With Yakodata it's a matter of minutes.

You can also do the following with your Delicious bookmarks:

  • Download and preview your bookmarks, whether you have an old-style Delicious-only account or a Yahoo! account linked to Delicious
  • Save all your bookmarks in a file, for backup purposes or to import them in any Web browser.
  • Quickly upload all your bookmarks to your Pinboard account.
Please note that Flickr doesn't let users of trial accounts download their photos back in their original size. You can still use Yakodata but photos will be downloaded at a lower resolution (500x375).

In order to get your photos back in their original size, you need a Flickr Pro account.

What's new in Yakodata

Version 1.2.0:
  • A new downloading engine for Flickr means backups of a large number of photos start within seconds.
  • Better information is displayed during Flickr downloads.
  • Progress is now shown for uploads to Pinboard.
  • All known and reported bugs are fixed.

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