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Doodle Monster free download for Mac

Doodle Monster1.0

26 March 2011

Running game with platformer elements.


Doodle Monster is now available for Mac!

After Nearly a half MILLION mobile downloads Doodle Monster has finally arrived for Mac


Simple 2 button gameplay. Perfect for taking break from work or studies!

Doodle Monster combines the challenge of a running game (get that high score) with smaller more traditional platformer elements rather than huge chunks of land.


  • Multiple resolution sizes base on YOUR monitor!
  • Easily assign the jump and boost to any keys you want.
  • Windowed or fullscreen mode (we recommend windowed though)
  • Unlock 3 brand new monsters to add some variety as you earn higher scores.
  • The farther you make it the higher your score
  • Collect items for bonus points

In fact anything you unlock now will already be saved and ready for the next update!

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