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Bar Star HD1.1.4

17 June 2011

Turn a run-down bar into an upscale lounge.


In Bar Star HD, play as a dynamic Sister and Brother duo, Chase and Artie, and help them to transform their run down bar into the best upscale lounge! Earn valuable points as you mix, serve, and upgrade your way through 50 exciting levels! Use points to hire new staff including bouncers and DJ's, and improve the style of your bar including drink selection, the dance floor, and decor. Up to 16 different customers plus 4 celebrity guests will visit your bar - impress them all in order to earn the maximum amount of tips!


  • 50 exciting levels including a Zombie Takeover!
  • 16 unique customers and 4 guest stars
  • Mix and pour all types of delicious drinks
  • Upgrades for you're bar including a dance floor, disco ball, plants, and drinks
  • Grow your staff
  • Serve customers different types of draft beer, wines and mixed cocktails
  • Earn points to enhance your bartending skills
  • True HD graphics
  • Multiple player profiles, time attack Mode and replayable missions
The Story...

Chase and Artie's super rich and successful, Uncle Bill, has just given them a bar to run. Chase is enthusiastic about this fantastic opportunity, while her brother, Artie, is less than excited about his new job. Regardless, Artie decides to go along with the plan. play the role of this dynamic duo as they work together to keep customers happy by serving them as fast and accurately as they can. Customers will be able to choose from different types of beers and wines, as well as other popular drinks, such as Strawberry Daiquiris, Singapore Slings & Rum and Cokes.

In the beginning, you will notice that customers will be few and the drinks that they order will be simple to make, but don't be fooled! As the game progresses, the number of ingredients and types of drinks will increase; it will be your job to avoid mix up the right orders!

The objective of each level is to gather enough points to reach the goal of that level. Points are achieved when you have done something correctly, such as serving a customer the correct drink & checking them out promptly. Once you have reached a certain quantity of points, you have passed the level & have earned a stamp. Then on to the next challenge...

Try Bar Star HD and test our your bartending skills today!

What's new in Bar Star HD

Version 1.1.4:
  • fixed potential freezing in levels with conversation between characters
  • fixed layout issue in store

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