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Power Utility1.0

16 March 2011

Schedule shutdowns and restarts for your Mac.


Power Utility is an application that let your Mac, when unattended, to restart or shutdown or sleep or even logout from the active account, basing on specific conditions or on time schedules.

As example you can:

  • Start a download of a big file via Safari in the evening and Power Utility will watch the download and will shutdown your Mac in the night when the download via Safari (or other browsers) is finished.
  • Have your mac shutdown unattended any friday at 10 PM
  • Set your mac to restart any month on day 15 at 3.30 AM
  • Set your set all the Mac of your office to go in sleep mode if the word SLEEP is found in a specified Web page, and updating this page in remote you can control all those machines.
  • Set to logout the current user at 6 PM any day, switching to the login window.
  • Set a mac to start, launch an array of applications, then logout the current user leaving all the apps launched, running in background in the logged out account.
  • Launch Power Utility from iCal and in that way use it via iCal schedules
  • Specify a warning time and Power Utility will change it's window showing that the planned event is going to be launched.
  • Define an external app or document to be launched at warning time.
All this using standard controls anyone can use, no coding required. (see the pictures showing Power Utility in action and during setup)

If in background, Power Utility jumps in the dock to alert you of the upcoming action.

Power Utility is made to be simple and easy to use for any mac user. Date time is visualized according with your country settings and local time After a fast setup, the window shows you the action to be performed, when and how much time remaining to the event, updated live.

  • Provides a standard help
  • Includes an embedded PDF user guide

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