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12 March 2011

Ninja action game.


Ninja is an action packed game with over 30 levels to choose from , You are a Ninja At the Age of only 4, You are tested to show your Ninja Skills, Try To pass the 30 levels, but each level is not the same , there are 3 "Gameplays" Each gameplay has a total of 10 Levels, Can You Reach The Winning Screen?

Gameplay 1

Use The Joypad or keys To go under or over the jumping Ninjas/ Sumo Wrestlers And try to reach the hut with out hitting any of the ninjas Of you hit one you will loose a life , You have 3 lives and if you loose all 3 the level will then reset and you can continue to your game, each level that you pass you will get a certain score, try to get the highest score possible! Once you reach the hut and enter the door you will then Be directed to the next level

Gameplay 2

Ninjas Are after you! Dodge them and shoot your stars at them , Once a star touches a Ninja / Sumo Wrestle They will then become killed, If one of the enemies touch you u will then loose a life! Each Enemy you kill You will then increase your score and if you get a certain score you will then pass the level and move on to a new scene! Note In order to shoot you have to tap on the moving enemies and a star will be released from your possession

Gameplay 3

You will get a certain amount of enemies on the screen (depending on the level) the enemies will shoot stars at you! Dodge the stars that are shot at you using the help of your joypad, if a star touches you, you will then loose a life, each star that is dodged you will receive a score and if you get as certain score you will then move on to the next level.


  • 30 Levels And Counting!
  • Super Addicting!
  • 3 Different Game Style Modes!
  • Play In Story Mode
  • Play Freestyle
  • Play In Battle
  • Choose From the Many Levels
  • Bypass the Enemy
  • Shoot The Enemy
  • Dodge the Stars That the enemy Shoots At You
  • Easy Controls
  • Great Sound Animation
  • Nice Sleek Design
  • Play In different Scenes
  • Play As A Different Character
  • And The List Continues! Ninja Is the Game For You!
The Best $0.99 You Will Spend This Year!

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App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
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