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29 March 2011

Simple collection of file utilities.


HsoiContextualServices ... A simple collection of file utilities extending the Services architecture of Mac OS X. HsoiContextualServices is made up of:
  • DeskPicChange - to change your Desktop picture to the file of your choice
  • FileHierToClip - copy a text representation of a folder's contents hierarchy
  • FilePathToClip - copy the path of the selected file/folder
  • FileURLToClip - like FilePathToClip but using a file:// URL instead of a path
  • ToggleFileLock - toggle the lock of a file/folder: lock if it's unlocked, unlock if it's locked.
  • WindowsFilePathToClip - like FilePathToClip but using a path style more common in Microsoft Windows
These are a Service-based implementation of the old Hsoi's Shop CMPlugin's, allowing not only Snow Leopard support but also support anywhere Services are enabled, such as right-clicking in the Finder or using the Services menu in any application.

What's new in HsoiContextualServices

Version 3.1:
  • New Services: FileURLToClip, WindowsFilePathToClip
  • DeskPicChange handles multiple selection and contents of folders, randomly selecting one image as the Desktop picture.
  • Now a full-featured double-clickable application, with an icon, online help, and user-configurable settings to customize behavior and output.
  • Bug fixes

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