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iScreensaver Personal

19 July 2012

Make screensavers using your own movies, photos and music.


iScreensaver Personal allows you to make personal screensavers for your Mac using your own audio-visual content: movies, photos and music. You have full control over the sequencing, timing, and motion effects. Add styled text captions and translucent image overlays. Active screensavers may be paused or muted, and offer full navigation via a heads-up-display (HUD). Integrates with iTunes and iPhoto.


  • Builds a true Mac OS X Cocoa Screen Saver (.saver) bundle file.
  • Handles most media types, including movies, images and audio files.
  • All media files, captions, and image overlays are copied into the screensaver - this gives complete artistic control. The screensaver is only updated if you - the author - decide to change it.
  • Built-in HUD allows full keyboard and visual navigation while running the screensaver: pause, rewind, and skip from image to image, which is great for giving demonstrations of photos and movies. The HUD can be disabled if the more traditional "mouse move, click, or keypress to exit" controls are preferred.
  • Screensavers can play back on multiple screens.
  • Shuffle, loop, repeat, and "first item first" settings allow fine control over the order of assets. Sequence position and shuffle order is remembered across runs of the screensaver.
  • Customize OpenGL effects, including fast rotation and movement in the X,Y, and Z axes. Twirl your way towards Freedom!
  • For Personal, Non-Commercial use only.
  • If the .saver is copied to another computer, the screensaver will still function, but images and movies will be watermarked with a small overlay saying "Created with iScreensaver".
Known Issues:
  • Building the screensaver to a location other than ~/Library/Screen Savers will sometimes cause Mac OS X to not properly select it when opening the file. If this happens, first close System Preferences (if open). Then, open System Preferences, click the Screen Saver control, scroll down to the "Other" section, and select your Screen Saver by name.
  • Non-standard-sized video files or codecs may cause the screen saver to exit. If this happens, the solution is to open the movie in QuickTime and re-export it to a new movie file.

What's new in iScreensaver Personal

Version 4.5.0:
  • Bug fixes

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