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01 March 2011

Dynamic visualizer for Twitter posts.


TwitViz is a dynamic visualizer for viewing Twitter posts by people you follow.

Twitter Breaks:

TwitViz allows you to set up periodic intervals for viewing twitter posts. Use these breaks as a reward for staying focused on your work, or as a reminder to break periodically to stretch your body and eyes. Tell TwitViz how often you want to break, and for how long, and the app will appear when it is time for your break, and disappear when it is over.

Screen Saver Mode:

Put TwitViz in screen saver mode and enjoy animated Twitter posts whenever your computer is inactive.


  • Launch the app and you will find yourself in a full screen Twitter viewer.
  • Moving your mouse to the top of the screen will make menu options appear.
  • Select minimize from the pull down menu, or tap the escape key to hide the visualizer.
  • Press the "space" key during playback to see more information about a particular tweet.

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