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Population Pyramid Generator


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Population Pyramid Generator

19 August 2011

Display groups of people stratified by age and sex.


Population Pyramid Generator helps generate population pyramids, which are a common way to display a given group of people stratified by age and sex. they frequently appear in research studies, marketing plans, public health policy documents, and in a variety of other applications where it is important to understand the demographics of a population. with practice, it is easy to glance at a pyramid and immediately understand whether the population is expanding, contracting, experiencing a baby boom, or approaching a period of economic decline due to a change in dependency ratio.

The pyramids created by the Population Pyramid Generator show the population entered by age and sex. The percentage numbers along the side represent the amount of that sex that each age group represents. The numbers at the top display the total numbers of males and females, along with the sex ratio, calculated as the males divided by the females. The bars are a visual representation of the relative size of each age group to the others. Their size is relative to all of the other age cohorts, both male and female.

Drag pyramids you create into other applications, such as Mail, Pages, or other word processors. You also can copy/paste them as .pdf or .png or save them as .pdf files. They print in both landscape and portrait mode.

This app allows you to create and save as many population pyramids as you need, to support your school work, field work, or research project.

Here are some things that you might do with the Population Pyramid Generator:

  • Create a pyramid to use in a Keynote or Powerpoint presentation.
  • Create two pyramids for comparison, to use in a policy document, to argue for funding for a program that supports a certain group of people.
  • Chart the demographics of the employees at your company.
  • Create a pyramid to support a research paper.
  • Give the children in your class an assignment to research a country and create a population pyramid showing its demographics.
  • Impress your demographer friends. :)

What's new in Population Pyramid Generator

Version 1.1.3:
  • The US Census Bureau updated their website, breaking the data import feature of the Population Pyramid Generator in version 1.1.2.
  • Version 1.1.3 responds to their updated format and fixes data importing. Yay!

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