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Magic Mirror


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Magic Mirror

24 February 2011

Turn your Mac into a mirror with real-time effects.


Magic Mirror turns your Mac screen into a large mirror.


  • Zoom feature (great for those tough spots when you're shaving or putting on your makeup)
  • Real-time filter effects
  • Save a photo
  • Fullscreen mode
Real-time effects include:

Normal, Bulge, Fish Eye, Dent, Flip-Flop, Mirror, Light Tunnel, Pinch, Stretch, Squeeze, Twirl, X-ray, Tracer, Thermal Camera, Zoom Blur, Sharpen, Sepia, Ascii, Black and White, Blue Print, Blur, City Lights, Color Control, Color Invert, Color Pencil, Comic Book, Compound Eye, Concert, Crystalize, Dot Screen, Exposure Adjust, False Color, Film Stock, Gamma Adjust, Glow, Kaleidscope, Line Overlay, Line Screen, Monochrome, Motion Blur, Neon, Pixelate, Pointilize, Pop Art and Posterize.

Requirements for Magic Mirror

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later

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