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Blotter is a streamlined calendar viewer which displays itself right on your desktop. Beautifully discreet and out of the way, yet only a glance away. Did you ever mark something in your calendar only to forget to check the calendar? No more.

Blotter is an easy way to increase your productivity. With your week right before you, it is fast to see if you can make a meeting on Tuesday or if you'll be able to go home early on Friday.

  • Keep your existing calendar. Blotter will tie directly into your OS X iCal calendar instead of recreating it.
  • Get setup in no time and no work.
  • Keep things snappy. more...

What's New

Version 2.2.3:
  • Minor bug fixes


  • OS X 10.6 or later

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Mikebenda Member IconComment+313

Just a comment for all those complaining about not having demo versions available in the App Store. There was a time not long ago when one had to buy boxed software, normally for a lot more money than we're paying now, that didn't come with demo versions or money-back guarantees. It's not like this is some new system that someone dreamed up to rob us of our money. Now I'm all for try-before-you-buy but if it's not available I make a decision based on cost, reviews and screenshots.

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Version 2.0

There was also a time, not long ago, when people didn't have problems providing demos. And there was a time, not long ago, when we weren't in an endless Recession where literally every penny counts anymore. I wish it were different, but I don't have a dollar here and a dollar there to spend anymore. As for screenshots and reviews, those only give me so much information. Just because someone else raves about a car doesn't mean I still don't want to test drive it before I buy it.


I think that nothing changes faster than the internet. Taking examples from the past and comparing them to the present is like comparing oil rigs to vineyards......


The debate about DEMOs will go on forever, and both Mikebenda and Lvdoc make equally valid points. Yet, to be fair and honest, the responsibility needs to be shared among ALL parties to the transaction. Developers are fault for failing to fully comprehend how to market their products using all of the resources available to them at little, or no, cost other than some time and labor on their part. I refer specifically to videos that both promote their software as well as teach people how to use it. I have long advocated that videos of both an adverting / marketing nature, as well as video of a more tutorial type, be packaged together along with any software product. Yet, in my experience, perhaps only 5% at most of all Mac software developers bother to learn how to use one of many affordable video capture software products to, first, promote their software, then, to teach us how to use it. Big mistake! Secondly, developers are also at fault for failing to provide ANY kind of demo in which customers get a chance to test drive their software to see if it performs like the videos they showed us, as well as if it meets our particular needs. I am not a programmer, so I can't tell them how to do that, but, over the years, I've seen all forms of demo software tactics, from crippled-less-than-full-functioning software, to time-limted, full-featured trial licenses, to phone-home activation schemes, to Mafia thugs (well, OK, not those guys). I would think that, if a developer is smart enough to program on a Mac, then they ought to be smart enough to figure out which method works for them. When they don't bother to give us a time-limited, Trial version, or a demo version of some kind, then, I, too, am skeptical about their integrity as well as their skills, for, in the absence of a thorough set of videos in which to show me how the software works and what it does for me, and in the absence of a demo, I question their integrity. So, yes, the first blame and the primary responsibility must lie with the software developer. As far as customers go, unfortunately, too few customers know how to write a review that is worth anything to me. Most customers think that their opinion is a "review." They remind me of what teen-agers on the Dick Clark show used to say about new music: "Well, it's got a good beat, but I can't dance to it." That kind of opinion tells me nothing. It is lame and inarticulate. The sooner MacUpdate members learn how to write more intelligently and more thoroughly about the software they like and dislike the better this website will be for all of us. I always come here when I am considering buying some software. But I am often disappointed by the low level of "reviews" or the high proportion of Comments posing as reviews. People complain about things that have absolutely no relevance to the quality of the software, often mistaking price for quality and bemoaning the fact that software developers actually ask to be paid for the time and talent, which is apparently a shocking idea to those who perpetually think that they entitled to get everything in life for free. Maybe if MacUpdate's administrators were a bit clearer about what constitutes a useful review by sharing some good examples, we would all be better off. And, maybe if people would stop frowning upon opinions that they do not agree with it, this site in general would be useful all around. I'm an idealist, so I ask for too much. Nonetheless, this is how I see the issue of demos and how the responsibility is shared among all parties involved, and what can be done to amend the situation .. by anyone who cares to make things better ... from developers to customers.

Knowhowe Member IconComment+241

Do we feel Apple have any clue at all how exasperated so many people are with their AppStore restrictions? Do they care? Part with my money for an untried app? No way. The Android Market (don't mock- I get a great phone with unlimited internet for £10 per month as opposed to £30 for an iPhone)- works so that, if you buy an app and don't like it, you get an automatic refund if it's deleted within a certain time. Couldn't Apple do the same? Anyway, the excellent- and free- PandoCalendar does everything I need.

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Version 1.4

I think what Apple is, is lazy. Why bother with demos (which, thankfully, more devs are supplying on their own) or any minor crap like that when ... they're not exactly hurting. Sure, they blew up the whole concept of shareware - but that's why MacUpdate is still here. So, clue, probably not. Care? Does Apple care? ... Does Exxon "care," or whomever they're bigger than today. Sure I miss the old Apple ... but we sure as hell don't get marginalized anymore. Used to be a Google Mac, we users were this specialty ...

Anon-Bud Member IconComment+599

So. A calendar app that you cannot edit or create events on and that you have to use Exposé to view and which costs $10 and has no demo trial is better than a calendar app that you can edit and create events on and that you can view just by entering a simple key combination and which is free? Hmm. Think I'll pass.

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Version 1.3

Blotter has nothing to do with Exposé. Also, you can add tasks/events and it does connect to iCal. Perhaps you should do your homework before criticizing. This is not YouTube.


Actually, yes. According to the "homework" Blotter lies on my desktop. In order to view the app, I've got to either get rid of all my windows, or use Expose to reveal my desktop. But I am happy you were able to get some venting done!

ChrisPolus Member IconReview+28

I understand people's frustration here about a missing demo version. I kind of bought this software because I've seen it on a friend's laptop and I liked it. I could try it there, so to speak. I also find the price of 9.99 for an app that just displays the current calendar on the desktop a little steep. But then I also think that useful utilities that make life easier and - after all - only cost about 2 cups of coffee at a restaurant... man, you really can't complain. The App Store has brought a lot of prices down significantly and now, after using the tool for some days, I think it was well worth it. Sometimes I have so many appointments that I forget I have to go somewhere. Especially when I'm buried in work in front of my Mac (who thinks of opening the calendar all the time - and all the alarms can be super annoying). Blotter helps me remember my appointments and meetings by just displaying the next 7 days directly on my desktop. It works with synchronized calendars like Google or MobileMe, it works with my BusyCal installation, and it works with a second monitor now. I can now choose to display the calendar on the desktop of the second or third monitor. The latest update also got rid of the dock icon (which was always open - and I don't like utilities sitting there all the time). So in the latest version a nice icon now sits in the menu bar where it belongs in my opinion. The only thing I don't like so much is the positioning feature. One can only choose between top left, top, top right, mid left, mid, right etc. You can choose between three sizes. A very compact view, a "normal" view where I can hardly read anything from the packed calendar on my 27" iMac or a "full screen" which is again too big. Why not let the user draw the position and size of Blotter directly in the preferences instead of giving him only 9 fixed options? And then call the sizes: compact, customized (let the user draw it), and full screen. This would make much more sense and then I would also give it 5 stars :) For me it's either too big full screen as I don't like anything tocover up my whole desktop, but normal is too small. I would like to make it a little bigger.

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Version 1.3

Thanks for taking the time to write a review that refers specifically to some of the features, functionalities, flaws, strengths, weaknesses, and possible uses of this software, along with suggestions on how it could be improved. I wish more people would write such intelligent reviews. I vote a smiley for you, not because of your thumbs-up or thumbs-down opinion of this software. Too many members here treat the smiley's and the frown's as if they are Faceook Like and Dislike buttons. They are not! To me, smileys are indicators of appreciation for taking the time to actually share something worthwhile and useful to me; while, in contrast, frowns are indicators of disapproval, as if I am saying "Why did you bother venting your spleen and your hostility here? Who cares what you think anyway?" Unfortunately, though, in reality MacUpdate members seems to treat the smiley's and the frowns and places where they register yet another opinion, so they treat smiley as "I agree" with you and frown "I do not agree." The problem is that, when people's opinionated characters drive them to vote like that about things that other members write, that attitude carries over into voting on whether or not a particular piece of software has any merit or not. That is, they tend not to objectively assess, nor to rate the quality of the software accurately because they prejudices get in the way of seeing it for what it actually is, instead of what they want it to be ... which is usually free, without flaws, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, as they do, in their delusions. Again, nice job! You build up your own credibility and character by throwing yourself into exercises. And it gives me confidence that, should I be considering some other piece of software that you reviewed, I might actually be able to take your word on it.

Pepelepugh Member IconComment+84

Give us a free version to try.

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Version 1.3
Beamy Member IconComment+199

"Buy before you try !" Is that new App Store Slogan (ASS) ? I dont like that. What if I don't like the program ? Does it come with a money back guarantee ? .

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Version 1.2
Colette Member IconComment+493

No demo version, no sales at Macupdate!

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Version 1.2
E_sapwater-%aze Member IconComment+33

No demo?

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Version 1.2

Welcome to the Mac App Store. There is no provision for demos, or getting updates to apps you paid for before the App Store existed but are now sold via the App Store.

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Version 2.2
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Version 1.3


Current Version (2.x)


Downloads 4,391
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License Commercial
Date 17 Mar 2014
Platform Intel 64 / OS X
Price $9.99