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Multi-player gaming network with chat interface.   Shareware
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GameRanger provides a completely customized Mac-friendly environment for players to meet worthy opponents, organize and play games, discuss strategies, and exchange tricks and ideas.

Persistent player accounts, profiles, chat rooms, game rooms, audio voice chat, paging, server lists and powerful filtering are just a handful of the features GameRanger offers.
What's New
Version 4.9:
  • GameRanger, the multiplayer gaming network, now welcomes PC gamers into its community. GameRanger offers support for playing over 500 games and demos.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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  • BlackFire
GameRanger User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 4.x:
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rev316 commented on 22 Nov 2008
The application design is so-so. It just isn't up with todays standards. However it works, and "was" one of the best game match making programs to date. However, poor administration (the developer isn't exactly.... friendly) & lack of updates has led this to be a sinking ship.

I doubt PC users will adopt this. Get x-fire for the Mac rolling, it has more potential then Gameranger ever did.
[Version 4.9]


PhaseAngle commented on 21 Nov 2008
From his site

"GameRanger expanded into PC gaming receiving widespread enthusiasm and acclaim."

This was on there the day of the windows release.

Same old Scott
I won't bother to put up with his bad attitude.
[Version 4.9]

DARKxMACxPUNK commented on 09 Jan 2007
Oy! I was just Baned for some silly joke, I was replacing my name with some one elts and wrote that it was a joke then I am baned and i cant get in contact with Evill and i want back in life is BORING i wanna plau GR!!!
[Version 4.6.2]

Leo Mumford commented on 25 Dec 2006
how could they bann you for being whitty?
[Version 4.6.2]


Chrome reviewed on 29 Nov 2006
Can not play UrbanTerror (Mod of Quake III) anymore through this version of Gameranger.
Instead of UrbanTerror it launches the main-app of Quake III and then do nothing.

I used it for years without any problems but this version sucks, sorry to say.
[Version 4.6]

2 Replies

Gameranger Technologies (developer) replied on 30 Nov 2006
As I said on the reply to your VT comment, actually, it applied to all of Quake III, not just mods. It's fixed now.

Please email if you have problems, and I will be able to deal with them faster.

Chrome replied on 30 Nov 2006
Ah, thanks for this fast reply.
Well, it seems to be fixed now. :)

Now I wish I would know how to delete a comment like this here.

elijahg0 commented on 28 Nov 2006
A few years ago, I remember GameRanger being the best gaming service around. Now it's not good at all.
Scott Kevill tries to moderate and can't cope with constructive criticism. His solution is ban ban ban! Exactly like a sad administrator at our school. Power has gone to his head. All the people on it are extremely big headed and ignorant. Used to be a pleasure, now it's a bore.

Just look at the stats, 500 days in the same number of games were played as they are now, after a peak at around 1400 days. There was a massive drop when the idiotic developer ("Evill") decided to mash over most of the features with a ridiculously high $50 fee. $25, fair enough but $50, sheesh.
[Version 4.6]


ZeTHeR reviewed on 26 Nov 2006
I was banned today for 30 mins for saying this:

ZeTHy: I am a pirate and ride on a Fire fox bowser and sail on a lime wire and a torrent of truth.
[Version 4.5.2]

ZeTHeR (developer) commented on 14 Nov 2006
On Tuesday the 14, 2006 I was talking on the main chat with a few gamers, and was unexpectidly banned for qoute un qoute "pirate." Here is the conversation as followed.

(I have left out the other users name out of respect)

ZeTHeR - Do you have quake 2
Otheruser - nah
Zether - You know you can get it for mac
Otheruser - yeah where?
ZeTheR - Fruits-of-dojo
Otheruser -what
ZeTHeR - I'll just leave of limewire for a while, look for Quake 2 mac

About 2 minutes later I was banned for 1 day. Here is the email conversation with
Scott Kevill as followed.


I am requesting that you unban me as of this moment. The so called pirtate ban you used to remove me does not apply. The files I was talking about are from, and are not pirated. Return my acount to active.

EMAIL 2 _ From Scott Kevill

It had nothing to do with FoD, and everything to do with you talking
about using Limewire for Quake 2.

EMAIL 3 _ From Me

, so you are saying that I tried requesting, promoting or encouraging the use of pirated software or non-public beta software. Well, I would disagree on the following grounds.

Firstly, promoting

pro·mote (pr-m t) Pronunciation Key Audio pronunciation of "promoting" [P]
tr.v. pro·mot·ed, pro·mot·ing, pro·motes

1. To raise to a more important or responsible job or rank.
2. To advance (a student) to the next higher grade.
2. To contribute to the progress or growth of; further. See Synonyms at advance.
3. To urge the adoption of; advocate: promote a constitutional amendment.
4. To attempt to sell or popularize by advertising or publicity: commercials promoting a new product.
5. To help establish or organize (a new enterprise), as by securing financial backing: promote a Broadway show.

As you can see, definition "1a" states for our purposes here "To raise to a more important level," and I think we both can agree this is not what you are accusing me of. The same follows for "1b." However definition "2," to contribute to the progress or growth of, is what most likely I am being accused of. Did I really contribute to the growth of it? Well, for this we'll consult the dictionary once again.


1. to give (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc., as for charitable purposes.
2. to furnish (an original written work, drawing, etc.) for publication: to contribute stories to a magazine.
-verb (used without object)
3. to give (money, food, etc.) to a common supply, fund, etc.: He contributes to many charities.
4. to furnish works for publication: He contributed to many magazines.
5. contribute to, to be an important factor in; help to cause: A sudden downpour contributed to the traffic jam.

Hence, I did not give any knowledge, assistance, money, or time, to a common supply. Nor did I furnish anything for publication. Once I did not give any of benefit to those that may be looking for assistance with the matter, and I did not contribute any important factor. So, if this is what I was accused of I am clearly innocent.

Therefor I must be accused of urging the adoption of, However, the statement I made does no such thing, and so definition 3 falls to the wind.

Now, we are left with 4 and 5, and I think that I did not attempt to sell sell or popularize this software with advertising or publicity. Nor could it be said that I help establish a new enterprise or organization, so clearly --yet again-- I am innocent, and therefore it is you duty to return my account.


After this email tryed opening gameranger and found that I have been banned a full week for sending him that email.
[Version 4.5.2]

2 Replies

The MacDoctor replied on 28 Nov 2006
Unfortunately Mr.Kevill has made the serious mistake of getting involved with the community by logging onto GameRanger.

He is also complacent about GameRanger and I think he is just too involved, he needs to separate his work from his personal life and views. If you are deemed to have broke the License agreement by saying things in public chat then fair enough, but as to ban you for a week for sending him an email is just plain sad.
LtRammstein replied on 28 Nov 2006
I totally understand. About 2 months back I said something in the public chat that did Mr. Evill did not agree with. With that he banned me for a couple days. I go back on and I just start typing that he is scamming you. Especially with the 50 bucks a year deal (and the "features" he provides, doesn't really add up to being a good deal), he then permabans me.

I was so happy when he did that. One, the community has dropped when he introduced premium membership. Two, people go on there to bitch, moan, groan, and really not to play games. He has killed the community by introducing this program.

Luckily a few friends I made over the program I still keep in touch with via AIM. Other than that, I switched to PC gaming.
HellFire commented on 08 Aug 2006
The one thing i'm waiting for is support for clans on GR
[Version 4.5.2]



JGuy80 reviewed on 17 Mar 2006
GameRanger is the best of it's kind, and one of the only ones of it's kind. One of the easiest ways to play over 100 Mac games with other Mac users and not PC users.
[Version 4.5.1]


JGuy80 had trouble on 26 Jul 2006
If some of you can't connect to GameRanger and are using the Test version for Premium members, delete the test version and re-download GameRanger. The test version is not capable of updating to the newest version.
[Version 4.5.2]

Apple2gs had trouble on 27 Nov 2003
Does not work through a firewall or NAT; like what many ISP's now start doing to protect their Windoze users. If any P2P software can work with a firewall, why not gameranger too ?
[Version 3.5.2]

3 Replies

Crest replied on 28 Nov 2003
you are right. this is very very bad, even eith my normal router i can‘t use it.
Anonymous commented on 02 Dec 2003
GameRanger itself works fine with routers. Games do not if you are hosting, this is no different from any other software. Had you read the help page, you would have seen the explanation and solution.

Anonymous commented on 08 Dec 2004
Are there any other ways to fix the hosting problem? I tried port forwarding but it doesn't seem to work.

weibkreuz200 rated on 28 Apr 2011

[Version 4.9]

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GameRanger provides a completely customized Mac-friendly environment for players to meet worthy opponents, organize and play games, discuss strategies, and exchange tricks and ideas.

Persistent player accounts, profiles, chat rooms, game rooms, audio voice chat, paging, server lists and powerful filtering are just a handful of the features GameRanger offers.

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