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25 September 2019

Python IDE with complete set of tools.

22 May 2012

Most helpful

Java based. :(
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Version 2.5.1

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04 June 2018
Superb. I have almost 3 decades of development experience, but I was new to Python 12 months ago when I was asked to build a Django based business application (wholly API, almost no UI other than a slightly customised django Admin area). The client knew that I did not have Python experience but expected me to get up to speed ASAP. So I needed some help from my IDE. I decided to buy PyCharm Pro after trialling it and having tried out a few of the alternatives (Wing, Komodo, VS Code etc). Best money I've spent on software in years - it held my hand as I learnt the language and the Django framework, and when I had become proficient, I started to explore and discover the abundance of built in tools. My favourite discovery was solid built in support for Azure SQL Server databases. And recently I discovered its support for running Django tests within the IDE - saves me switching to the terminal all the time. Nice. A few rough edges that come with it being cross-platform, but that does mean that I can run it on Linux and Windows too should I need to, which is a bonus. And the rough edges are really very, very minor. If you can't get past a few non-native widgets and conventions, you might want to look elsewhere, although good luck finding a decent native macOS Python IDE that has anything like the depth as this tool. When they finally sort out the Laravel duplicate class name autocomplete problems, I'll almost certainly also get their PHPStorm Pro product. (Sticking to Netbeans for that for now though)
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Version 2018.1.4
05 January 2018
Command-W doesn't close a window or tab. Command-O doesn't open a file. When I try to open a file using "File>Open....", the dialog box opens to my home directory, not the one my files are in.

How much do the developers of this product know about the Mac interface conventions?
Version 2017.3.2
22 June 2017
It advertises itself as "ALL PYTHON TOOLS IN ONE PLACE" and maybe that is even true - but it is nowhere near to what it could be. Where is the visual interface builder? Where is the compiler? And yes, you CAN compile python apps.

Basically it is a scripting environment. It might be the best available at the moment, but Python is hampered by the lack of a REAL integrated development environment, and deserves so much more.
Version 2017.1.4
16 August 2016
Nice IDE for python development. Pro version has additional features for web development such as support for debugging Flask and Django apps and templates, and database and profiling support. Since it's java based some UI elements like open file dialogs don't behave the way they do in standard Mac apps, but the app overall works well.
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Version 2016.2.1
31 July 2014
To MacUpdate: Version 3.4.1 is the actual version,!
Version 3.0
22 May 2012
Java based. :(
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Version 2.5.1
14 December 2011
This is the best Python IDE I've used. I have been using it since shortly after its 1.0 release. Its django integration is excellent, as is its code completion, source control tools (subversion, git, mercurial and more). It's been well worth the money for me, having saved me lots of time. The downside is that it is Java based, running in a Java VM. It is plenty fast, and quite configurable. The editor is very good, but has at least one missing feature: drag and drop. Yes, you can select text, and move it someplace else with drag and drop. You cannot select text and COPY it someplace else by holding down the option key. That's standard Macintosh procedure, and not Java.I have also seen some quirks with clipboard utilities (PTH Pasteboard, CopyPastePro). You basically can't use them. The support team at Jetbrains are excellent. Pycharm is quite stable. I'm still finding features that surprise and delight. Worth the money, but is not perfect.
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Version 2.0