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08 January 2011

Computes confidence intervals for eigenvalues.


CIeigenvalue... Eigenvalues are point estimates and confidence intervals (CI) can be constructed around them (Zientek & Thompson, 2007). Confidence intervals convey important information about the precision of population parameter estimates. For eigenvalues, Larsen and Warne (2010) suggested that CIs for eigenvalues can serve as an enhancement to traditional methods (scree, parallel analysis) for determining the number of factors to retain. For example, retain factors with a random eigenvalue value lower than the entire corresponding observed eigenvalue CI range. This standalone Mac Universal program computes confidence intervals for eigenvalues as per formula 9 (p. 873) of Larsen and Warne (2010)

What's new in CIeigenvalue

  • Computes confidence intervals for eigenvalues.

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