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Fractal Time Calculator

12 December 2010

Calculator which incorporates the Golden Ratio.


Fractal Time Calculator is influenced by the book "Fractal Time" by Gregg Braden and is using the Golden Ratio in its calculations.

This Fractal Time Calculator is MUCH MORE ACCURATE than Gregg's online calculator or the calculations of the book!

The logic used by Gregg Braden is perfect and sound, unfortunately there are two errors in the formula:

  • As one can easily verify with this Fractal Time Calculator, the value of the Calendar Difference of 3113 years will loop out in December 2011 - which is obviously wrong. The right number is 3112 and only then it will end its loops in December 2012.

    Anyway, you can manually input any 4-digit number as Calendar Difference.

  • Excluding the days from the seed date does not make much sense and makes Gregg's calculations even more inaccurate. As you can easily verify again, you can observe the difference when using days at the beginning of a month or using days towards the end of a month.

    For the sake of clearance I will go through the book example, starting bottom of page 211 with the "surprise attack upon America":

    The first inaccuracy is in the seed date and occurs for using the estimates "zones of time" of page 209-210, for December is equal to the value .99 and as you clearly can see, the accurate calculation of the latest day in December will return .973 and calculate to the 4th of August 1984 - which is still within the prediction of the book.

    Now, using 3112 years calendar difference (instead of 3113), let's start the accurate example of the Pearl Harbor incident, dated: 1941-December-07

    The proper result date, using a Seed Date of 1941.908 (instead of 1941.99 from the book) is 1985-February-26 (instead of August 1984 from the book)

    This is the most accurate calculator for time loops available.

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