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29 November 2010

Sync Facebook friends with iPhone contacts.


FCSync...Synchronize you friends on facebook with Iphone contacts.

The ultimate application to Synchronize and upload your Face Book friends contacts and pictures directly to you iPhone contact list.

About the Application: your Face Book friends to your iPhone contacts with availability to create additional contact groups to your face book friends
Capabilities and Instructions: Facebook Contacts Synchronize (FC Sync) allows you to upload your Facebook friends contacts and pictures to you iPhone contact persons. The application can upload your friends you're your Facebook account allow you to view the list and update them one by one to your contact list or update all the list to the contact list at once (in one button press)

Application button and operation instruction:
The Application contains 3 buttons:
- Synchronize your friends one by one - by pressing this button FC Sync will upload your friends list from Facebook and allows you, per each friend separately, to create a new contact or to add it to an existing contact. You can choose what info to add to the contact person.

- Synchronize all your friends at once - allows you to add all your Facebook friends to your contact persons at once all as new contact. To use this option you need to open the shield and then press the push button. If you choose the group option in the preferences area all contacts will be added to the FC Sync group.

- Preferences: sets your application definitions including opening contact groups.


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What's new in FCSync

Version 1.0.1:
  • fix problem add/create single contact with Group mode on.

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