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MVP Tracker (Football Edition) free download for Mac

MVP Tracker (Football Edition)1.0

29 November 2010

Compare stats on the top NFL quarterbacks.


MVP Tracker (Football Edition)...Compare statistics of the top quarterbacks in the league side by side, with 3 easy taps.
1) Tap the Select Player button.
2) Tap the player you would like to compare with the rest of the league.
3) Tap the player who you would like to compare side by side with your original choice.

The stats automatically refresh, giving you head to head comparison of Quarterback Ratings, Completion Percentage, Pass Yards, Touchdowns. Determine for yourself who the MVP should be.

This is the most efficient stat tracking app on the app store, and is a great tool for fantasy players, and sports fans. Minimize time spent logging into sport tracking websites, and follow your favorite players with up to date statistics.

**For Fantasy Fans*
Purchase packs of additional players, just like trading cards, through our in app purchase feature. Follow your favorite Quarterback throughout the season.

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