Wizard\'s Duel
Wizard\'s Duel


Wizard\'s Duel free download for Mac

Wizard\'s Duel1.0

27 November 2010

Challenge your friends to a real-time duel.


Use your IPhone as a wand and challenge your friends to a real-time Wizard's Duel! Choose between 3 spells and compete in a rocks, paper, scissors style duel! The limited number of spells makes it really easy to perform the wand gestures helping create a more natural gameplay experience. You'll be blasting your friends away in intense wizard duels in no time! If you're a little rusty at dueling don't worry, there's also a computer AI that you can practice with so when you challenge your first friend you don't look stupefied when he curses the mana out of you.


Real-time dueling with your friends
Computer AI that you can practice with
OpenFeint Integration


Requires Bluetooth for dueling
IPad hard to use as a wand but makes for funny duels!

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