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Rogue Runner

27 November 2010

Endless running with multiple game modes.


Rogue Runner...You are a highly trained, top secret "super soldier" -- the product of the best military training available, and a little alien technology thrown in for good measure.

But now you want out! Break out of the secret desert base in a stolen jeep with rocket booster technology, or a jumping tank, and floor it.

Get as far as you can before the hordes of men in black, aliens, UFOs, black helicopters, and tailgun-mounted jeeps take you down.

But don't worry, even if they destroy your vehicle, you'll still have a chance to keep going. Leap out of the wreckage and press on!

But the desert scene isn't all. You can also race a hearse out of a haunted house and through a haunted cemetery, tear away from gang members and cops on a motorcycle, or travel back to the 20s and break out of a mob warehouse!

We're adding new locations and vehicles constantly! With fantastic retro-style pixel art graphics, huge sound effects, multiple vehicle types, rockets, air and ground enemies, a vulnerable "last chance" mode...

...we've packed as much into a single game as we can, and we have huge plans to add more in the future!

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★ We will be updating Rogue Runner constantly with new vehicles, powerups, locations and game modes! Get the game now and get all the upcoming content FREE!

★ Stay tuned for a special OLD WEST GHOST TOWN theme coming in the next update! Plus new vehicles, powerups, enemies, and more!

Rogue Runner is OpenFeint enabled.

What's new in Rogue Runner

Version 1.5:

How do you top the huge updates we've been doing for Rogue Runner so far? How about a WHOLE NEW GAME?

  • New TOP DOWN mode -- an entirely new game based on the Rogue Runner theme, from a top down perspective!
  • TWO vehicles and TWO locations to start off Top Down Mode!
  • 8 new OpenFeint and GameCenter achievements!
  • 3 new OpenFeint and GameCenter leaderboards!
  • And the usual minor tweaks and bug fixes, of course.

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